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We are much more than just technology.

Our software is built on industry expertise and with expert consultancy. We use this knowledge to inform the business processes that need to be embedded into our platform. 360 delivers end-to-end claims and risk management transparency and integrity that allows our clients to lower their total cost of claims.

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360 provides clients with a reliable, scalable, and flexible platform that combines proven technology with the convenience and accessibility of the cloud, making it perfect for the agile working practices of modern business.

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A powerful cloud-based software solution capable of managing large volumes of claims that enables our clients to optimise resources and make informed, data-driven decisions. EvoClaim is an automated claims management system delivering efficiencies that reduce costs and improve the client experience. 

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EvoNotify places comprehensive incident reporting and management at your fingertips using a mobile app capable of capturing and distributing live updates from the scene of an incident, near miss, claim or hazard to expediate decision-making and help identify areas that could prevent future occurrences. 
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EvoSafe helps develop a culture of ownership to drive transparency and accountability within your organisation, automatically alerting staff of an incident and empowering them to take immediate action to manage risk and minimise scope for future claims.


Our solutions are secure, cloud based, fully configurable to your business needs, and highly valued by our clients.

Our sector expertise

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360 software solutions allow insurers, brokers, and MGAs to transform claim processing, enabling them to manage greater claim volume, gain resource efficiencies, and grow market share. 

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Public Sector

Market-leading health and safety and claims software, delivering an affordable solution capable of managing the multiple complexities of the public sector and lowering the total cost of risk. We work with a variety of organisations as well as regional and local government teams across the UK. 

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Delivering innovative solutions that enable retailers to develop robust risk management capabilities, equipping them with the tools to reduce risk, lower costs and maintain a competitive advantage in a highly changeable market. 

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Specialist insurance and risk management solutions designed to help sports organisations, governing bodies, and sports insurers build strategies to tackle the myriad of risks attached to those watching, playing, and organising sports.

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