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Link: DWF's early careers network hub

Welcome to DWF's early careers network, Link. Our mission is to deliver an exciting and engaging international programme of webinars, panel discussions, newsletters, round tables and networking events relevant to ambitious professionals. Read below to find out more about Link and how you and your colleagues can get involved.

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Featured Insights

Gender Pay Gap - 320 x 220px - Small Panel Image

Vol 3: Autumn

Link, DWF's early careers networking group, welcomes you to their winter 2023 newsletter. We hope you enjoy this month's edition which is packed full of blogs, interview’s and educational content.

Small panel developments explained

Vol 2: Emotional Intelligence

Link, DWF's early careers networking group, welcomes you to their summer 2023 newsletter. We hope you enjoy this month's edition which is packed full of blogs, interviews and educational content based around the theme emotional intelligence.

Small panel future thinking

Vol 1: Creativity

Link, DWF's early careers networking group, welcomes you to their first piece of 2023. We hope you enjoy this month's edition which is packed full of blogs, interviews and educational content focusing around this month's theme - Creativity.

Small panel online training

Career Development Lab

Following the success of the collaboration with Zing365 in 2022, we are excited to bring another training programme for 2023. We’re calling it the ‘Career Development Lab’. 


Why join the Link?

Networking in the early stages of your career helps give you a ready-made network of contacts to help and support you as you make your way up the career ladder, gaining new skills to help steer and shape your own company's direction.

Link is completely free to join. By signing up to our newsletters and joining our events you will have the opportunity to develop good professional relationships and build your network in a friendly, relaxed and approachable environment. There will also be opportunities to enhance your knowledge via educational events and updates arming you with useful tips and ideas that you can apply to your own careers. There is no cost to join.

How do you get involved with Link?

Join the mailing list and keep up to date with our regular events and communications by subscribing to our mailing list and ensuring you tick the "Link" option when opting in. You can also keep up to date with our latest news and events by following us on our dedicated LinkedIn page.

For any queries relating to the network please contact Link's co-chairs Emma Marsh and Kaitlin Stewart.

Link mailing list


Why are we called Link?

Why are we called Link?

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) lies at the heart of our network and continues to be a hugely important factor in enabling us to create a sustainable business forum that supports and nurtures long lasting relationships. With that in mind, our old name (Young Professionals Network) no longer truly reflected our network and what we stood for and did not represent all of our members or audiences. Inclusion in the YPN was never based on age, but more aimed at those in the earlier stages of their careers. The use of the word "young" was therefore misleading and alienated some of our audiences. 

Our new name Link reflects the purpose of the group to link up early career professionals and to encourage the building of relationships and networks.  This means sustaining a platform where everyone is included, valued and equipped with skills for today and the future.

What is Link?

What is Link?
Link is a global forum aimed at bringing together professionals from all industries and sectors. Our forum is driven by a group of passionate colleagues from within DWF that aims to offer members an opportunity to expand their professional networks through learning & development, educational events, regular communications and socials.

Who is Link for?

Who is Link for?
Link is for any professional from any sector or location who is looking to expand their business networks with like-minded people that are at the earlier stages of their careers. There is no age limit to joining the network but our programme and events are aimed at those up to and around the associate/manager level.

What does Link do?

What does Link do?
The group provides valuable networking opportunities through a varied programme of activity including events focused on topical issues, panel debates, legal updates and relaxed socials alongside a regular e-newsletter containing articles, hot topic discussions and relevant news and information.

Who are we?

Who are we?
Our committee is formed of enthusiastic and ambitious professionals who drive the delivery and direction of the Network globally.