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Local Authority Claims Management

With the continuing need to reduce costs and increasing pressure from central government for public and regulatory bodies to provide high levels of service, local authorities face significant challenges every day.

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Why work with our local authority claims management team?

For the risk management and claims handling teams of local councils, finding a way to streamline functions can help the authority to save money and improve their service. We understand the importance of providing claims management expertise in a way and at a cost that delivers the results you need and want and our expertise spans matters concerning Professional Indemnity, General Liability, Healthcare, Legal Expenses, Motor and Property insurance.  

Our claims ethos is to investigate the right claims from the desktop and instruct an adjuster when necessary, and to work with our insurer clients in partnership to reduce the total cost of claims.  

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How we can help you 

Local Authorities claims management 

Our claims team has extensive experience with Local Authority claims. As soon as the CNF or notification is received, the local authority instructs a highways officer to confirm whether an inspection (as per the Highways Act) has taken place. We are aware that some of our clients outsource their Statutory requirements to inspect highways, and subject to the contract terms with that outsourcing company, we will notify them of a potential highway claim if the area has not been inspected as per the terms of the contract (thus causing the Local Authority to be liable.) 

Motor and casualty claims 

Our system differentiates between motor and casualty claims, allowing bespoke MI on motor and casualty cases. Our handlers are experienced at dealing with first party motor claims and recoveries. Third party motor claims are dealt with efficiently and quickly once liability is determined, with our Application to Application access to the MOJ portal via our proprietary claims software, EvoClaim, for both Motor and Casualty portal claims. 

Whether challenging exaggerated, fraudulent or fabricated claims, or simply working to reduce costs or the impact to your reputation, we understand the importance of having an experienced, practical, expert team by your side. 

Tree Root Claims 

We understand that subsidence damage caused by tree roots as well as personal injury and property damage caused by tree collapse, can run into many hundreds of thousands of pounds per claim, placing a strain on already stretched resources of local authorities and large landowners. Our arboricultural claims handlers know that you need to balance claims spend reduction with protection of the natural environment. We can help you manage this by assisting on tree risk policies and strategies, as well as robustly defending claims when they arise; working in close collaboration with our market leading lawyers who are expert on tree root claims. 

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