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Risk and claim management software for retail


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Delivering innovative solutions that enable retailers to develop robust risk management capabilities, equipping them with the tools to reduce risk, lower costs and maintain a competitive advantage in a highly changeable market. 

Why 360 is right for your retail business?

360 is a full-service solution that can be tailored to your individual business needs and continue to evolve as your business grows over time to ensure you are always optimising your risk and claims management and protecting your retail operations in the best way possible.

Whether your business model is centred on bricks, clicks, or a mixture of both, seasonal trends create peak periods when retailers are at greater threat of unexpected risk, often due to a lack of preparedness for the uplift in activity and subsequent pressure on operations. 360 software will allow you to leverage data insight to predict risk and initiate actions to protect your business when at its busiest.

Superior claims data analysis will highlight risk hotspots across your business, to allow resources to be allocated where they are needed most to preserve customer experience, mitigate insurance expenses, and manage the total cost of business risk. 


The benefits

  • Precision insight to inform decisions
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    Qualitative data, immediate communications, and real-time MI combine to enable retailers to predict potential exposure and built capabilities to prevent incidents occurring and protect future operations by incorporating knowledge into strategic decision-making.
  • Removing scope for error
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    Automation saves valuable time and cost, eliminating the human errors that can occur with manual processes and lead to substantial losses. 360 guarantees data integrity and provides a complete and full picture of operational performance to allow quick settlement and protect against fraudulent claims.
  • Reliable protection
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    Our 360 software solutions are designed, built, and maintained by claims professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of the retail sector, providing clients the assurance their risk and claims management has been shaped to deal with the specific risks they face and will deliver the efficiencies needed to ensure continued growth and profitability.

Understanding the market

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