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Resolve claims quickly, professionally and cost efficiently


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Now, more than ever, mitigating risk and managing claims is a key focus for public sector organisations. We work with housing associations, as well as regional and local government teams across the UK, helping them manage risk and claims.

We are a market leading provider of affordable risk management and insurance claims software that improves compliance, reduces claims, protects premiums and reduces the total cost of risk. 

Our highly secure software keeps your data safe and your processes streamlined. Laborious administration is minimised (such as FOI requests) whilst strengthening compliance, so you can focus on managing risk and preventing future claims.

Reduced budgets can result in exposed risk and public scrutiny

EvoClaim is ideal for protecting your fund excess when handling incidents that result in a claim and is readymade to deliver excellence in handling Public Sector claims, complaints and improving public service. 

Enable your insurance team to increase repudiation rates, settle claims quickly, reduce the cost per claim, and manage claim volumes with added capability to monitor trends and detect fraud.

An affordable, modular software platform 

EvoSuite is our modular software platform made up of three key components: EvoClaim, EvoNotify and EvoSafe.

Designed to be seamlessly integrated, they combine Risk, Incident Management and Claims software, delivering an affordable solution capable of managing the complexities of the public sector.

The benefits

  • Detect suspicious claims
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    As fraudulent claims start to rise, you need to sift them out quickly, but without burdening your claims handlers with manual, time consuming investigations which slow them down and impact SLAs. If you want to stay ahead of the fraudsters, our claims system's inbuilt fraud triggers give you the ability to route suspicious claims to your investigation teams, whilst enabling genuine claims to flow as normal.
  • MOJ & Highways Integrations
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    With flexibility and simplicity at its core, EvoClaim is intuitive and enables you to streamline time consuming processes. For instance, customised and fully brandable web FNOL forms receive notifications of claims and register the claim in the system. Claim details can then be easily amended, assigned to a claims handler and managed end-to- end. Similarly, MOJ Portal & Highway System integrations automatically pull in claims data and move claims through your process.
  • Get Organised
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    Automatic alerts ensure that claims handlers are notified when new information or correspondence is inputted into the system. And the in-built, easy to use and extremely powerful document management system provides a centralised repository for all documentation including Word, Excel, PDF and Media files. Diary and task items can also be assigned to one or more claims handlers with due dates tracked and rules applied to govern escalation procedures when thresholds are breached or when staff are absent.

Understanding the market

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