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Serving the public sector


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Market-leading health and safety and claims software, delivering an affordable solution capable of managing the multiple complexities of the public sector and lowering the total cost of risk. We work with a variety of organisations as well as regional and local government teams across the UK. 

Why 360 is right for your public sector business?

Pressure on budgets and increased public scrutiny has placed greater emphasis on effective claims and risk management for public sector organisations and 360 allows the creation and delivery of operational efficiencies to mitigate exposure and reduce costs.

Combining our cutting-edge technology with our sector expertise allows us to help the risk management and claims handling teams of regulatory bodies and local authorities find ways to streamline operations without compromising on service levels.  

Our collaborative approach to risk and claims management allows us to help clients adopt a proactive approach and create sustainable processes linked to risk strategies designed to deliver a safe and positive environment for their communities and optimise resources. 


The benefits

  • Inform stakeholders
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    Claimants can capture and share relevant detail directly at the scene of an incident, ensuring instant notification to the right people and allowing immediate action. Progress can be updated and tracked remotely by key people at any time to help achieve a swift resolution and safeguard compliance.
  • Secure cloud-based solution
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    Investigate claims with software that provides a single hub for remote document handling and storage that is easily accessible to all stakeholders and delivers qualitative analysis of incidents and trends to help identify and introduce additional protection against future exposure. 
  • Speed and efficiency
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    Instant reporting, claim-level financial analysis, and configurable workflows place the relevant information in the hands of the right people when needed, contributing to efficient working practices that reduce time and cost and enable better decisions.

Understanding the market

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