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Building a more resilient business


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Businesses today face complex risks and need tools to help prevent them crystallising. By mitigating the impact when they do, they can consider what is over the horizon.

Combining our cutting-edge technology with sector expertise allows us to help your risk management and claims handling teams to find ways to streamline operations without compromising on service levels.  

Utilising technology to predict outcomes and reduce costs

From keeping premiums low to getting claims paid without delay, EvoClaim gives you the confidence to pave the way for higher deductibles and lower pay-outs. 

Our smart platform provides real time MI to help improve your business and drive down your total cost of risk. It has the flexibility to report any data field combination, on demand or on any timing schedule set by you. You can set reports to run automatically, but also have the ability to manually report on any bespoke or ad-hoc data requirements.

Transform your claims performance

The benefits

  • Manage all classes of claims
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    Support the full claims journey and easily manage all classes of claims, from the most complex down to straightforward and high volume. EvoClaim caters for all lines of business cover and has multi-level user permissions to facilitate secure collaboration across your organisation and your supply chain, including portal access for brokers, insurers and external legal advisory.
  • Remove scope for error
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    Say goodbye to manual claims processes spread across multiple business units, offices and jurisdictions. When insurance or in-house legal teams must grapple with countless manual processes, there is a constant risk of input errors, inconsistent decision-making and undetected fraud. Not to mention the sheer cost of pure outdated and inefficient working practices. EvoClaim will centralise all elements of the claims journey, from incident to outcome – preventing the perils of fragmented operations.
  • Reduce Claim Lifecycles
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    EvoClaim provides a holistic view of your business risk and the associated costs. The claims system plays an integral role in helping you reduce claim lifecycles by empowering your people to make faster, more informed decisions. Events that may trigger a claim can be tracked and flagged to key internal and external stakeholders, ensuring all parties are in unison and working to a strategy to mitigate and reduce impact. 

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