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Incident Management Training

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Our DWF Incident Management Training gives you and your employees the crisis planning tools to deal with major incidents. Delivered through an interactive, hands-on workshop we tailor our training to your business and identify how to enhance your existing crisis management processes and procedures.

How we can help

Understanding your legal commercial needs

Why do you need DWF Incident Management Training?

At DWF we believe that active crisis planning and preparation is everything. Our bespoke training walks you and your staff through a mock scenario that has been carefully tailored for your organisation to include the specific challenges that you might face. It introduces both employers and employees to a health and safety, competition law, data protection or abuse incident, explaining the key duties and legislation and how to consider them in planning for a crisis event. The training is delivered through an interactive, hands-on workshop including mock interviews, media containment strategy, technical Q&A and crisis management guidance.

What if?

  • A fatal accident occurred at your premises?
  • An explosion or major fire at your premises stopped your business in its tracks?
  • Significant data was lost or leaked?
  • An anonymous complaint led to regulatory intervention?

Would you or your team be confident in managing a crisis as it developed, facing the press or potentially answering difficult questions in a formal interview?  Having a well-rehearsed team and clear, consistent crisis protocols and processes will have a significant positive impact on the outcome of any incident.

Benefits to your business

  • Reduction and minimisation of exposure to enforcement/sanctions.
  • Protection of your reputation.
  • Increased understanding and awareness of crisis protocols across your business.
  • Positive impact on future compliance and corporate resilience.
  • Potential improvements to your future insurance claims and credit profile.
  • Positive impact on broader governance.
Our Incident Management Training brochure
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