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Advertising and Marketing Products

Product advertising and marketing compliance is an essential part of any campaign. Our specialist team can help you protect your creative activities whilst providing advice that ensures you are compliant, allowing your marketing to retain its impact on an international scale.

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Why work with our Advertising and Marketing experts?

Adhering to advertising compliance too late can waste valuable time and resources, cut your campaign short and cause long-term reputational damage.

Our advertising practice combines deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape, with a commercial understanding of the challenges advertisers face. Whether advising on the risk of a creative or defending a competitor complaint, we are as pragmatic as we are knowledgeable. We are experienced marketing lawyers who comfortably speak the language of advertisers and regulators.

In the UK we have worked for, with and against the Advertising Standards Authority, so we have a built-in understanding of ASA processes and procedures.

We have deep insights into consumer protection, product law and the Advertising Codes. We know when it's time to communicate details efficiently, and when to simply hone in on what it all means in practice.

How we can help you

Our advertising and marketing experts can enhance your activities by:

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