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Crisis and Incident Management Service UK

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Whether you find yourself dealing with a workplace accident, environmental incident, financial crime allegations, serious data breach or an unexpected visit from a regulator, our crisis and incident management experts are on hand 24/7 to guide and assist you.

Why work with our Crisis and Incident Management team?

A crisis can put your reputation, livelihood, key relationships and financial stability into serious jeopardy. The decisions made in the first hours of a crisis will have an impact that could potentially resound for years. Our team of experts in UK crisis provides early intervention and long-term support, to help protect you and/or your business and mitigate these effects.

Crisis and Incident Management brings together specialist advisers with detailed knowledge of managing crisis situations. Our experienced team of lawyers, PR specialists, investigators and clinical psychologists are available 24/7 to offer legal advice in the immediate aftermath of an incident and to guide you through your crisis.

We will provide multi-disciplinary response to any business crisis and can utilise remote technology platforms to quickly access relevant data and streamline investigations. Our team can efficiently review data and documents even for large-scale investigations and provide the necessary crisis management services you require.

How we can help you

Our top-tier ranking Regulatory, Compliance, and Investigations team consists of experienced lawyers who can help protect you and your business.

After mobilising the initial response team, we work closely with you to advise you on how to protect your business and its reputation, support your workforce, and engage with regulators.

We realise the importance of keeping your business moving forward and therefore we can assist you in ensuring business continuity by managing the investigation and actions following a crisis.

Crisis situations can be incredibly stressful and emotional for your employees and other stakeholders. For this reason, our Crisis Response team can also assist you in providing expert help to address psychological trauma.

Crisis and Incident Management lawyers work alongside specialist lawyers across multiple sectors and service lines. We can provide a full service to you to assist with all aspects of a crisis, not just regulatory investigations.

In a digital world, news travels quicker than ever and media attention often generates rapidly, this can have a huge impact upon an organisation's reputation. Having experienced PR specialists on-hand can immediately contain the media interest and ensure you put forward the right response.

Our Crisis and Incident Management experts can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis

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