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Restrictive Covenants

10 October 2022
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In the wake of both the global pandemic and the cost of living crisis, we have seen an increased fluidity within the labour market and consider there has never been a more challenging time for employers. Whilst reward and flexibility are central to attracting and retaining talent, employers also need to minimise risk by ensuring their business is protected should a key employee resign.  Restrictive covenants play an important role here.  

Our employment experts and specialist restrictive covenant lawyers across the globe answer the following key questions:

Current trends and tendencies are shown in a global comparison, giving an overview of the various types of restrictive covenants from non-competition to non-solicitation of clients. This will help organisations to act in a legally secure manner in an increasingly technological and decentralised environment and to be ready for further challenges.

Select a region below for an overview of restrictive covenant employment law in your global location(s).

If you have any questions or would like advice on your global or restrictive covenant employment law strategy please get in touch.

We will be hosting a series of restrictive covenant webinars, learn more and register here.

Australia | Sydney | DWF


Our Australian employment experts outline considerations for restrictive covenants (more commonly known as restraint of trade clauses) in Australia.

UK | London | DWF

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Our employment experts consider the importance of restrictive covenants in the England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

France | Paris | DWF


Our French employment experts outline the non-compete clause, the non-solicitation of clients clause and the non-solicitation of personnel clause restrictive covenants in France.

Germany | Berlin | DWF


Our German employment experts outline considerations for restrictive covenants, including the main non-competition and the non-poaching covenants in Germany.

Ireland | Dublin | DWF


Our Irish employment experts in Ireland consider the importance of restrictive covenants and highlight similarities with the UK. 

Italy | Milan | DWF


Our Italian employment experts consider the importance of restrictive covenants and post-contractual restrictions in Italy.

Poland | Warsaw | DWF


Our Polish employment experts review the significance of restrictive covenants, mainly non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure clauses in Poland.

Scotland | Edinburgh | DWF


Our Scottish employment experts outline the considerations of restrictive covenants, mainly the non-solicitation, non-dealing, non-poaching and non-compete covenants in Scotland.

Spain | Madrid | DWF


Our Spanish employment experts answer key questions on restrictive covenants and Article 21 of the Workers' Statute in Spain.



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