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Tribunal and Court Representation

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Tribunal claims represent a significant business risk for all employers, and the number of claims brought by employees continues to rise. Thankfully, our Tribunal and Court Representation team can protect your reputation and your financial position.

Why work with our Tribunal and Court Representation team?

The risks of tribunal claims to employers are not just financial: an organisation's reputation can suffer, making it more difficult to recruit, as well as making it more likely that further claims will result. Employers need to manage these risks proactively to prevent claims arising, and reactively once claims are brought.

Our Tribunal and Court Representation team manage over 1000 claims a year on behalf of our clients, representing businesses of all sizes and covering every type of employment claim.

Our approach is to help you understand and reduce your specific risks, preventing claims arising. We will also help you manage any claim as efficiently as possible in line with your overall strategic objectives.

How we can help you

We offer a variety of pricing structures for handling employment claims, including fixed fee, menu pricing, capped fees, and annual fees for handling an expected number of claims.

We have experience working on all or any of these bases, but always try to ensure that the particular fee arrangement reflects our client's appetite for risk, its claim profile, and its culture for how it likes to handle its claims. We have a simple tool to help clients decide on the best arrangement for them.

Our record of accomplishment shows that our proactive and pragmatic approach allows us to consistently help clients reduce their numbers and the cost of claims.

DWF UK employment tribunal service

In conjunction with Mindcrest, our Tribunal and Court Representation team have developed our Employment Tribunal Service. This utilises customised legal tech to provide an integrated and streamlined service, which in turn helps our clients with their employment tribunal claims.

The benefits to our clients are:

Understanding the market

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