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Managing corporate claims

Claims can give you valuable insight into your business - what is going wrong and what can be improved to help reduce that ever important total cost of risk. We understand that now, more than ever, this is a key focus for corporates. 

What we do

DWF offer bespoke services to help you manage corporate claims at every stage of the process. Our experienced claims management team will manage your claims from inception to conclusion, and call on our large international legal team for specialist legal advice or litigation services if required. We can support you with small or volume claims through to complex claims and will work closely with your insurers to achieve the best outcome. We pride ourselves on ensuring technical excellence combined with a superior service in everything we do.

In order to manage your claims effectively, it is important for us to understand your business, its key risks, your strategic drivers and what keeps you up at night.


Understanding the importance of commercial experience

We are not a traditional TPA, or a traditional law firm – we are a global legal business with a unique delivery model and the capabilities to transform your claim performance. Working with you as a strategic partner and extension of your team we will get to know your business including its unique strategy, culture, brand, values, processes, and key risks. This way we develop a true understanding of your business, recognise your needs, and take a fully holistic view of claims strategy to help drive continuous improvement.

By understanding business risks and their associated costs, we can implement strategies to mitigate, avoid and reduce the impact of these risks. We can meet a corporate’s full requirements across all classes of claim – from the most complex down to straightforward high volume. Our highest quality customer service underpins our offering as we support the full claims journey seamlessly.

We know that the nature and outcome of claims is relevant to stakeholders right across the business. We would want to work collaboratively across all those stakeholders to get the best result and feed business learning.

Why instruct our claims team?
  • We work under Delegation of Authority (DOA) but escalate agreed key matters to help you to understand your risk profile and conduct efficient investigations to enable quick decision-making
  • We ensure early settlement where liability is found
  • We use horizon scanning and in-depth sector insight
  • We collaborate efficiently with all stakeholders – internal and external
  • We fight the right cases and protect your brand
  • We hold review meetings to consider the whole service portfolio, providing a holistic approach to your claims and related risks
  • We look at your total cost of risk and take this into account when developing strategies.