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Telerehabilitation through exergaming and VR Webinar

05 May 2021

The global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has meant the provision of healthcare has had to shift radically from being solely a clinically-based hands on approach to treating patients to having patients receive much of their care at home remotely.

This is especially problematic for persons receiving some type of complex rehabilitation, such as for post-stroke, or for preventative care as in the case of fall prevention for older adults.

Hospitals and clinics who normally provide on-site therapy services had to rapidly improvise and modify delivery of care, with most adapting the use of commercial solutions for video calls such as Zoom. In some cases however, some have implemented technologies that go beyond a simple call. One such example is EvolvRehab, a CE certified virtual therapy solution which is being used in various parts of the world, including the UK, to provide personalised neuromotor therapy to patients at home through virtual reality and  gaming.

David Fried, CEO of Evolv, discusses with Ian Slater the benefits and challenges of providing a home-based therapy technology solution to patients and look at specific examples of telerehabilitation programs being run in the UK through UCLH Queen Square and Hobbs Rehabilitation. David also offers his expert insight into what he thinks will happen once the pandemic is under control.

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