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France insights

Our team in France have been creating the Insights below to help you navigate through the significant operational and commercial challenges in the country.
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Latest Insights

Small panel innovation

French court decisions on COVID

Latest insight from our team in France.
Small panel research and data

Key global employment considerations as businesses manage the return to work

With social, economic and cultural norms changing at an unprecedented level, employers have the responsibility to protect their workforce and support their employees through the process of returning to the 'new norm' working environment.
Small panel Real Estate

Webinar: Zoom on real estate in time of crisis

We held a webinar on what changes on our law, following the adoption of new legislation to deal with this unprecedented health crisis, which affected the real estate sector and labour law in particular.

Small panel clients

Webinar: Zoom on the rules of litigation

The adoption of the law on the state of health emergency on 23 March this year led to the adoption of 30 ordinances on a wide range of subjects. The adoption of these numerous texts is a challenge for jurists.

Small panel Insurance

Webinar: Zoom on insurance in time of crisis Compliance

DWF France hosted a second webinar in partnership with the Forum of Insurance Law and Stelliant to continue decrypting on how the insurance industry is facing with this unprecedented health crisis. We discussed the implications in terms of compliance, expertise, construction and credit insurance.

Small panel Insurance

Webinar: Zoom on insurance

DWF France hosted its 3rd weekly webinar, in partnership with the Forum of Insurance Law, on what the insurance industry is facing within this unprecedented health crisis. This new edition focused on the distribution of insurance products, life, health and invalidity insurance confronted to the Covid-19 crisis.

Small panel Data Protection

Webinar: COVID-19 and personal data

We held a webinar on the use of personal data in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small panel legislation

Governments across the globe announce financial support packages for businesses

In light of the global pandemic COVID-19, governments around the world are offering financial measures to support businesses. 
Small panel covid

The COVID-19 journey so far – France

The story so far for France during the COVID-19 pandemic and what returning to the workplace in the post-lockdown environment may look like.
Small panel future thinking

Returning your workforce: Checklist of employment considerations

Change is the "new normal" as France prepares to return to work, our checklist brings together everything your business needs to consider from an employment perspective. 
Small panel clients

COVID-19 The key challenges

As employers across the globe come to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a look at the key challenges facing employers in a range of jurisdictions across the world. 
Small panel innovation

Insurance in time of crisis

We held a webinar in partnership with the Forum of Insurance Law to discuss the many problems facing the insurance industry in the face of this unprecedented health crisis.
Small panel innovation

COVID-19 Contractual Obligations Force majeure under French law

This note considers the effect of COVID-19 on contractual relationships with a focus on force majeure and the doctrine of imprévision (unpredictability) under French law.