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Risk provides independent Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Workplace Relations investigation, assurance and consulting services.

This service is currently available in Australia, please fill in the form below for more information/

Our speciality areas include:

  • Investigations
  • WHS Management Systems and documentation
  • Risk Management
  • Assurance activities

By offering agile and accessible WHS and Workplace Relations expertise, we help businesses manage their compliance and legislative obligations whilst achieving business objectives.

Assurance activities

We provide compliance and Officer Due Diligence audits, inspections and reviews, including Workplace policies and procedures compliance reviews to meet regulatory and internal requirements.

Crisis management

We work with our clients to develop management and communication plans to action in the event of a crisis in the workplace, as well as being available to ensure the scene or issue is managed appropriately.


We conduct efficient and effective independent investigations into workplace safety incidents, allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour, and workers' compensation matters to determine causal and contributing factors and to identify system or cultural failures and/or non-compliance with policies and procedures.

WHS Management Systems & Documentation

Our WHS experts develop and review WHS management systems, WHS Plans, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Risk Assessments and specific procedures, including emergency planning documentation. We also conduct management systems gap analyses against relevant legislative requirements and standards.

WHS resourcing

We provide advice, support and assistance with all the duties of a Safety Manager. We can embed qualified and experienced personnel within your business to assist in undertaking WHS functions of the business for periods of time, or for a specific project or initiative rollout.


We design and deliver tailored training packages to address specific risks or issues. We also deliver in-house training on relevant workplace health and safety and workplace relations topics, including training and advice on how to best conduct internal employee misconduct and safety investigations.

Strategic planning

We assist clients to develop WHS strategies and plans and set clear and specific objectives and targets to be achieved to continually improve WHS performance.

Contractor WHS management

We design and develop processes for clients to effectively pre-qualify and manage contractors. We also undertake assurance activities to assess contractor compliance with established WHS requirements.

Risk management

We develop management frameworks and strategies for clients, whether holistic or specific, including Risk Assessment workshop facilitation, Lead Indicators (identification and measuring), Hazardous Manual Tasks, Plant and Equipment and workplace physical inspections and risk assessments.

Enforceable undertakings

Our team can provide advice and assistance in the development of Enforceable Undertakings. Our safety experts can also provide independent verification of Enforceable Undertaking deliverables.

Create a COVID-19 Resilient Workplace with Risk


Risk and Resile have recently brought together some of their most experienced workplace health risk specialists to form an advisory panel to assist businesses in establishing and maintaining a COVID-19 resilient workplace.

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Case Studies

Risk engaged to facilitate WHS risk assessment to inform COVID-19 response plans for a client in the health sector


Risk was first established in Australia in early 2020, and was officially launched to clients in May 2020. Led by National Manager Darren Sharry, Risk provides Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Workplace Relations investigation, assurance and consulting services. By offering agile and accessible WHS and Workplace Relations expertise,  Risk can help businesses to manage their compliance and legislative obligations whilst achieving business objectives.

The Situation

Risk was recently engaged to assist a health sector client in understanding and managing Work Health and Safety risks related to COVID-19. The risk assessment is integral in the development of the client's COVID-19 response plans.

How We Helped

DWF took the approach of forming an 'advisory panel', a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts to provide advice on Work Health and Safety (WHS), Employment Relations, WHS Legal, and occupational medical issues arising from COVID-19 response activities. 

Risk was engaged to facilitate and develop a risk assessment to identify and assess WHS risks associated with the client's preparation for COVID-19 case load. As the client has a workforce who are well and truly at the front line, it was critical to understand any hazards and risks additional to "business as usual" operations across all the health and support facilities. While there was a massive amount of work being done to prepare for the anticipated influx of potentially infected people entering the workplace, the risk assessment effectively collated the information, analysed and assessed the risks, and identified required the control measures, and any further actions required.  

Risk conducted interviews with over a dozen key staff, and looked at issues including:

  • staff welfare;
  • identifying and managing vulnerable staff;
  • protocols for clearance of staff to return to work after infection (or suspected infection);
  • hazardous manual tasks;
  • induction and onboarding of new or redeployed staff;
  • fatigue;
  • contractor management;
  • cleaning and laundry capability;
  • PPE provisions; and 
  • training, 

The risk assessment is a key document in the legislated WHS consultation and communication requirements, and gives the workforce visibility of what their employer is doing to ensure their health and safety. It also provides the opportunity to raise concerns, provide feedback and get involved in the process, which is a key component of effective WHS management.

This work is a great example of the breadth of service delivery DWF can offer clients, drawing on Connected Services to provide expert input to a single solution for the client.

Risk engaged by small business in the energy sector to develop WHS system


Risk was engaged by a small business in the energy sector to develop a systematic approach to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld). The business manufacture and supply independent and mobile power solutions, and have been active in the Australian energy sector for over 10 years.

The Situation

Recently, the business embarked on its own design and manufacturing program, and since then has been enjoying success and profitable growth.

Throughout this great period of growth however the business' Director has raised concerns that with a larger workforce and increased product warehousing and assembly work, they needed assistance from a safety professional in understanding and complying with the relevant WHS legislation.

How We Helped

In response to the business' requests and specific needs, Risk planned the work in three stages:

Stage 1 - Discovery: Risk commenced with a presentation to the company Director and General Manager to provide an overview of the WHS legislative framework, outlining duties, and providing practical examples of how to discharge these. 

Following this, a site inspection was conducted with the Director and General Manager. This enabled Risk to gain a sound understanding of the nature of the business, its workforce and work processes. 

Stage 2 - Analysis: The findings from the site inspection and from conversations which occurred during the site inspection with employees were reviewed and distilled into an inspection report, which identified gaps in legislative compliance. These findings were also used to produce information to pre-populate a WHS Risk Assessment for the business.

Risk then facilitated a Risk Assessment workshop, where the Director, General Manager and key personnel identified, discussed and agreed on key risks and the control measures required. The identified controls included specific Safe Work Procedures and other documents required to provide a framework for a Safety Management System tailored to the context of the business and its risk profile.

Stage 3 - Development: Documents and processes identified in the Risk Assessment were developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders. This collaborative approach fostered ownership of the system, methods of work and control measures, and it also assigned responsibility for the regular monitor and review of these.

Risk conducts an independent workplace investigation following a workers' compensation claim for workplace stress


Risk was recently engaged by a client in the higher education sector to investigate the circumstances giving rise to a workers' compensation claim for workplace stress.

The Situation

The client was a large Australian university who employ over 6,000 full time staff. The alleged incident induced work related stress, leading to medication and other therapies to manage anxiety and insomnia, which ultimately resulted in a workers' compensation claim.

At the time of the incident and claim, the university's workplace injury management team were ready to try a new provider for independent investigations. Given their strong existing relationship with DWF's insurance and workers' compensation lawyers, they were pleased to learn of Risk and DWF's broader ability to provide another element of service (outside of legal advice) in the workplace relations space.

How We Helped

Risk conducted a series of interviews with key witnesses and involved persons to provide the client with a factual report which clearly outlined and detailed the alleged workplace stressors, as well as evidence to support or disprove each specific stressor. This investigation also involved a review of the client's internal policies to determine if management action taken was in compliance with the relevant procedures had been complied with.

The report allowed the university's injury management team to make an informed determination on whether to accept or reject the claim for workers' compensation. Dealing with the claim in this manner ultimately works to reduce the likelihood of future claims and legal action, and it also enabled the university to identify areas of improvement to work on from a workplace relations perspective to avoid similar incidents.

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