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Transformation and Tech - a series by the Legal Operations team at DWF

30 January 2024

Legal Operations is a constantly evolving field, gaining increasing influence in legal departments of all sizes. How can Legal Ops professionals make the most of these changes? Find out how in our bi-monthly insights that look into current trends in Legal Operations.

DWF presents a series of articles and interviews that delve into the latest trends in Legal Operations. Our team of experts will regularly provide insights which will be available on this webpage and our social media pages. 

Explore all of our insights below, and stay tuned for our upcoming posts. To receive these insights directly by email, sign up to our mailing list using the box on the right hand side of this page.  

View our latest insights

Evaluating and aligning risk appetite: Helping the risk managers
Emma Roe discusses the best approach to risk management and how using a layered approach can help to evaluate risk.
CLM implementation: No pain, no gain

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is widely discussed in Legal Operations, yet implementing CLM tools remains challenging. Meghana Shetty Talavlikar offers valuable guidance on aligning expectations to facilitate CLM implementations for all involved.

Interview with Euroclear: Adopting a CLM technology solution - The journey

Watch this video interview with EuroClear on the key drivers that prompted the adoption of a CLM, the strategic considerations, challenges encountered and the implementation journey.

Legal wizards: Transfiguring legal work with LLMs

Chat GPT shows promise for solving a constellation of productivity problems for various industries, the legal industry being one. However before adoption, we must understand the problems Large Language Models (LLMs) can solve. 


From ideation to implementation: Four key factors to make Your legal department strategy a success

Legal Ops teams are now vital in legal departments, incorporating specialists beyond lawyers. This shift enhances efficiency, tech savviness, and responsiveness to legal ops leaders. Rachita Maker offers four key themes for crafting your organization's legal strategy.


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