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Evidence heard at an inquest can significantly impact on future civil and criminal proceedings and can cause reputational damage. DWF is experienced in advising on all consequences arising from inquests. 

Why work with our Inquests team?

We deliver clear and pragmatic strategic advice along with effective learning, which can have a positive impact on the grieving family, your employees and organisation. 

Our experienced team includes an Assistant Coroner, former physiotherapist and former nurse, which enables us to review inquests from all perspectives. From the outset, we seek to understand your organisation and the challenges you face. Often your policies and procedures will be subjected to intense scrutiny. We will ensure early identification of any risks particularly in respect of Prevention of Future Death reports.

We represent a broad range of clients in some of the most challenging and high profile of inquests, including Article 2 jury inquests. 


Complex mental health multi party Article 2 inquest
Representing the prison healthcare provider in a complex multi-party Article 2 Jury inquest regarding the death in custody of a young man with severe autism whom had taken illicit drugs which induced paranoid thoughts. He had run away from a mental health unit whilst waiting for s2 MHA assessment and violently attached his mother. He deteriorated upon arrival to prison but stabilised prior to him taking his own life a few weeks later. The coroner focussed on whether, at all stages of the above events, the deceased could or should have been diverted and detained in a secure mental health unit. There were no causative findings or prevention of future death reports made in respect of our client
Drug related death in prison
A prisoner died from a SPICE related overdose in a prison operated by our client. A key component of HM Coroner's investigation concerned what was known about illicit drug use on the wing. The disclosure requested by the family raised matters of national security. We provided detailed submissions on why such disclosure was inappropriate. HM Coroner provided a detailed ruling excluding the specific intelligence profiles out of the scope of the Inquest, upholding our submissions that it would be an artificial and unfair exercise to draw conclusions on the prison's based on four unconnected prisoners. Ultimately the Jury ruled that there was sufficient measures in place at the prison to disrupt supply and demand of drugs.
Health related death in which allegations of bullying were made against the staff
The deceased prisoner, who was a known epileptic, had stockpiled his epilepsy medication and it was suggested he had taken 'spice' prior to his death. He suffered a seizure, which could not be attributed to either drug ingestion/epilepsy conclusively. An abundance of post-death intelligence linked the deceased to other prisoners suggesting he was bullied. The deceased had learning difficulties and a low IQ. The prison knew this prisoner well. As a result of working closely with the discipline staff called to give evidence at the Inquest and reviewing the evidence available, the prison staff were able to evidence illustrate this at the inquest that the post death intelligence was incorrect. As a result of the detailed preparatory work described above, the Jury made a factual finding such that the Jury found that the deceased was not bullied and our client could not have done anything to prevent his death.  

How we can help you

We will advise and support you and your employees or officers throughout the process in relation to:

We are able to assist on any of these specific issues, or provide full management from commencement of the investigation process to conclusion of the matter. 

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