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Breaches & Incident Response

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Every organisation is at risk from personal data and cyber security breaches. From large scale cyberattacks to the loss of paper records, the range and scale of the threat to data security and business resilience is diverse. Our approach to incident response begins with prevention, through identifying and embedding appropriate controls that deliver operational resilience and demonstrate legal compliance, but when incidents happen we can support clients through all steps of the response and deal with all of the legal aftermath.

Our comprehensive, global breach management support includes:

  • Incident response readiness health checks and risk assessments.
  • Scenario planning and threat simulation, including table top exercises and live testing of incident response processes.
  • Optimisation of incident response plans, including the development of role-specific playbooks.
  • First response services and tools, including 24/7 data breach hotlines and mobile phone notification apps, giving access to legal, media and forensic experts.
  • Incident management support for containment, mitigation and recovery, including data recovery and evidence preservation, within a legally privileged environment.
  • Breach notification support, including to people affected by an incident, to regulators, to law enforcement agencies, to contracting partners, to stock markets and to insurance companies.
  • Litigation support, ranging from injunctive relief, complex claims management and financial recovery, often provided against the background of regulatory investigations and parallel proceedings such as compensation claims.
  • Insurance coverage advice in respect of standalone cyber policies and silent cyber risks coverage in traditional policies.


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