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Ethical Conduct & Culture

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The social licence to operate for business has never been as critical as it is today.  As more and more stakeholders call for and increasingly challenge sustainability efforts from business, it is now a priority for organisations to demonstrate and provide evidence that ethical conduct, purpose and a values-based culture permeates everything they do.

To fully unlock the true value creation potential and business transformation that sustainable business and ESG can deliver, leaders have to lead and create change across their organisations that is both purpose-led and financially viable. At the heart of any effective business transformation is the crucial role of people. The ability to 'do the right thing' and to optimise the long-term prosperity of business rests on hardwiring ethical conduct and integrity into the hearts, minds and decisions made every day by people.  

The human factor is a hidden superpower behind sustainable business waiting to be unleashed. By unlocking human and social capital, business leaders can activate the 'S' of ESG to its full potential and use to it as a catalyst for high performance, cultural transformation and societal-led business impact.

As a global integrated legal and business services company, we have a team with a unique blend of skills that advises business on the design, development and implementation of sustainable business and ESG transformation through the lens of ethical conduct and culture. We offer advisory services to business on corporate purpose and values; creating a 'culture of voice'; ethical decision-making; values-based policies and procedures; and the design and development of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategies and priorities.  

Our team of trusted advisors bring legal, regulatory and consulting skills and are deeply experienced in working in markets across multiple jurisdictions. We help businesses to design and foster a values-based culture that acts as a transformational platform for growth and activates purpose in an ethical, tangible and measurable way. 

What we do

We apply a transformational change management approach to unlocking ethical conduct and culture in business. Our approach is risk-based and anchored on the key principles of discovery and inquiry, designed to unlock the positive power of human behaviour at work, all within the context of robust legal and regulatory knowledge and insight. 


Culture risk assessment & design
  • Independent workplace culture reviews to stress test the 'as is' organisational culture and identify potential behavioural risk exposure
  • Development of risk-based remedial interventions that will actively mitigate behavioural risk and close the 'say-do' gap
Inclusive culture & behaviours
  • DE&I strategy design and development of strategic priorities and goals
  • Development of DE&I implementation plan including design of key policies and procedures 
  • Bespoke blended learning and development solutions to support inclusion such as unconscious bias, privilege, bystanders, psychological safety, harassment and discrimination 
  • Monitoring and progression of DE&I strategy and key priorities including dashboards and key performance indicators
Corporate purpose, ethics & values
  • Independent reviews and/or design of ethical conduct and business integrity programmes as part of a leading-edge corporate governance framework in line with good practice and regulatory expectations
  • Design and development of corporate purpose and valued behaviours as a platform for consistent behavioural standards and workplace conduct
  • Ethical decision-making including ethical business scenario analysis and organisational justice frameworks to activate 'doing the right thing' into day to day behaviours 
  • Assessment of Board composition and adherence to Director's duties and liabilities 

Find out more about our wider Sustainable Business & ESG Advisory Practice > 

For more information or to discuss how we can help your business please contact a member of our Ethical Conduct and Culture team

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