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Environment, Climate Change & Energy Transition

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Companies that are not currently considering the effects of their operations on the environment could likely be exposed to higher levels of financial and reputational risk.

Why work with our Environmental, Climate Change & Energy Transition experts?

How companies are measuring their impact on the environment is continually under the spotlight, not only within their own operations but across supply chains. Climate change, biodiversity, energy use, natural resource conservation and waste are just some of the areas that companies need to disclose on how they are identifying environmental risks now and in the future. 

Incoming regulation and mandatory reporting for many companies globally will create opportunity and challenge to implementing policies and procedures that previously may not have been a requirement but are now considered critical.

Without taking the necessary action that is needed companies could face governmental or regulatory sanctions, criminal prosecution and reputational damage through accusations of greenwashing, therefore impacting shareholder value.

Our experts can support you to overcome the difficulties, thrive in the opportunities and help you become a greener, more sustainable business.  

How we can help you

We offer comprehensive advice and support on:

Our advice is provided by multi-disciplinary experts across our group who have a broad knowledge in a range of sectors. 

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