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Zbigniew Kozłowski

Partner, Warsaw

Zbigniew Kozłowski is an advocate with several years of experience in providing legal assistance in the field of environmental protection. He heads the Environment and Projects Development Department at DWF Poland.
Zbigniew Kozłowski


Zbigniew Kozłowski is an advocate with several years of experience in providing legal assistance in the field of environmental protection. He heads the Environment and Projects Development Department at DWF Poland. Since 2013, he has received individual recommendations in the prestigious international ranking Chambers Europe. He also received the highest score in the IFLR1000 international infrastructure ranking in the category "Project Development". 

Zbigniew Kozłowski advises on issues related to, among other things, industrial emissions, carbon dioxide emissions trading, environmental impact assessments, waste management, water and sewage management, environmental pollution and environmental permits, including integrated permits (IED and BAT conclusions), spatial planning and management and building permits. Zbigniew Kozłowski advises clients from many sectors of the economy, including energy, chemicals, aviation, real estate and mineral exploration and extraction. He participates in projects related to construction and modernization of power plants and other industrial plants.


  • Advocate - The Warsaw Bar Association


Chambers and Partners Europe 2020 – Environment – (Band 2)

Zbigniew Kozłowski is a respected name in advising on environmental issues. He advises on environmental impact assessment, industrial emissions and waste management, including regulatory and contentious issues.

IFLR1000 2020 – Highly regarded- Project Development

Recent Cases

  • Entities from an international energy group - (i) on-going advice on the emissions trading scheme (EU ETS), including obtaining free of charge carbon emission allowances; (ii) legal assistance on the new act on energy efficiency; (iii) comprehensive advice on the liability for surrendering of CO2 emission allowances and Kyoto units; (iv) adapting CHPs to BAT conclusions, including developing the adaptation strategy an applying for derogations.
  • International energy group - (i) structuring the adaptation of all power plants and CHPs in Poland to the requirements of IED, in particular from the perspective of IED derogation mechanisms; (ii) advice on an emissions trading scheme, in particular, support in negotiations with the European Commission regarding the calculation of costs borne in return of free carbon dioxide emission allowances; (iii) representation before an administrative court in proceedings concerning a permit for participating in the EU ETS for a coal-fired power plant.
  • Company operating one of the largest conventional power plants in Poland - (i) comprehensive legal advice in the development of a new conventional power unit (above 1000 MWe) and in the modernization of existing power units, including representation in administrative and court proceedings regarding integrated permits (IPPC), permits for participating in the EU ETS and EIA decisions; (ii) developing and implementing a strategy to adapt sewage treatment plants to legal requirements; (iii) comprehensive advice on the leakage of a hazardous substance to a river.
  • Company developing one of the most recent investments in the conventional energy sector in Poland - comprehensive legal support in proceedings regarding EIA decisions, integrated permits (IPPC) and other permits for a new conventional power plant (approx. 1000 MWe).
  • One of the largest Polish energy utilities - (i) preparation of a successful cassation appeal that has been recognized by the Supreme Administrative Court on an EIA decision for new conventional units, which resulted in the restoration of this decision after an earlier repeal at the initiative of environmental organizations; (ii) advice on IPPC cross-border proceedings; (iii) preparing a successful appeal against a decision of the Provincial Inspector for Environment Protection imposing a significant environmental fine.
  • Entities from the oil & gas and coal mining sectors, and manufacturing industry (e.g. aviation and wood industry) - providing advice in investment processes and representation in administrative and court proceedings regarding EIA decisions, construction permits and local zoning plans.
  • Municipal road management in a big city - representation in court proceedings concerning EIA decisions for a road bridge and a freeway.
  • Coal mine - advising on EIA decisions for new coal deposits.
  • International metallurgy group - (i) advising on derogations from the requirement to observe emission limit values laid down by BAT conclusions referred to in IED; (ii) advising on waste management; (iii) advising on the REACH Regulation (handling of chemicals); advising on EU funds.
  • Global companies representing various manufacturing industries - advising on the liability for land and groundwater contamination.
  • International companies from oil & gas sector - comprehensive legal advice in shale gas exploration projects in Poland.
  • Chemical company - advising on industrial sewage management, including negotiations of sewage discharge contract between two large chemical plants.
  • Global chemical group - advising on volatile organic compounds (VOC) included in paints.
  • One of supreme environmental authorities, international companies representing various manufacturing industries - advice on waste management.