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Planned 'bonfire' of EU rules is not welcomed by businesses

25 November 2022
Hilary Ross, Head of Clients & Markets at DWF highlights the position of UK businesses and unions who are unsupportive of the planned 'bonfire' of EU laws and why more than ever businesses need stability.
"UK businesses have been through the most turbulent time in recent years. Brexit, COVID, the war in Ukraine, cost of living increases and supply chain issues have all created uncertainty, and business on the whole does not thrive during uncertainty.

"The planned 'bonfire' of EU rules is not welcomed by businesses as it brings about further disruption when all they want is stability. Businesses, regulators and interest groups alike are concerned by the prospect that key regulations protecting the safety of our food, consumer products, workplaces and environment may disappear in a little over a year. To provide clarity and confidence, the government should confirm that safety laws will not be changed without proper consultation.

"Businesses generally welcome regulation as it provides clarity and stability. Constant change is disruptive and drains time, resources and money. Changes to regulations need to be kept to a minimum and only enacted where there is a clear case that they will directly improve the economy.  In this situation, there's no clear evidence that these changes will do that.

"At the moment, the best that can be hoped for is that either the matter is treated seriously and a root and branch review will take place over a proper time period or that the most burdensome aspects of regulation could be softened."

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