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Webinar recording – The Procurement Act 2023: Conducting a Lawful Evaluation

03 July 2024
The evaluation stage is typically the most commonly challenged stage of any procurement and the Procurement Act 2023 introduces changes to Conditions of Participation, the setting and refining of award criteria, and what information a Contracting Authority is required to provide to suppliers following the evaluation of bids. These are all essential elements of any compliant and successful procurement procedure, and will be closely scrutinised by suppliers not awarded a contract.

In this webinar our experts offered practical advice on:

  •  the contents of Conditions of Participation;
  • setting and refining award criteria;
  • how and when to clarify bids;
  • how to conduct lawful evaluation procedures;
    • do's/don'ts
    • moderation
    • record keeping
  • the information required in Assessment Summaries;
  • the process to make a contract award;
  • disclosure of evaluation summaries/moderation process.

In short, the webinar provided a practical session to support procurement professionals, legal teams and finance officers on how to set up and conduct a lawful evaluation of bids submitted in accordance with the Procurement Act 2023.

Watch our webinar recording:

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