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The rapid evolution of legal operations: Insights from Jenna Parrot at Legal Innovators California

04 July 2024

Jenna Parrot, Senior Project Manager for CLM Implementation formed part of a panel discussion at this years’ Legal Innovators California event to address the rapid transformations within legal operations, driven by Large Language Models (LLMs), cost pressures and growing in-house legal teams.    

This panel, which included other industry thought leaders, explored the evolution of legal operations over the last decade and discussed where the industry is headed in the coming months and years. Jenna’s contribution focused on two main aspects: the human element of technology and the need for creative solutions in legal operations.

The human element of technology 

While technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace in the legal operations space, it is essential to remember that humans are the creators of these technologies, and not the other way round. The essence of this message is that we must continue to focus on the strengths that our people bring to their respective teams, no matter how technical the legal industry gets. 

Jenna urged leaders to prioritize the well-being and development of team members, and to create a supportive environment that values team members’ contributions alongside the use of technology. 

Thinking outside the box: Creative solutions in legal operations 

Jenna also discussed the need for innovative thinking within legal operations. She challenged traditional concepts, such as the “legal front door” which may be an outdated concept for some teams in high-growth and high-tech roles. Instead, she says we need to embrace automation to manage workloads more efficiently. 

An example of a creative solution is the implementation of AI tools to streamline request management. By using AI to analyse keyword searches, legal teams can automatically route inquiries to the appropriate subject matter experts. This would enhance efficiency by ensuring that the right expertise is applied to each query, optimizing the overall workflow. 

Looking ahead

As legal operations continue to evolve, there is a growing recognition of the need to balance technological advancements with human-centric approaches. The emphasis on innovation, efficiency and team well-being is set to shape the future of legal operations. 

To talk more about innovative solutions and efficiency during CLM implementation or with your legal operations in-house team, get in touch with Jenna.

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