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DWF Chambers: A Barrister's Perspective

09 July 2024
We recently sat down with Stuart Young, a seasoned barrister with extensive experience at the external Bar, who has decided to bring his expertise to our in-house team.
In this candid conversation, Stuart shares his insights on why DWF Chambers is becoming a leading choice for barristers seeking a progressive and supportive environment.
Stuart, your move from the external bar to DWF Chambers has been a significant shift. What inspired this change?
Stuart: Joining DWF Chambers felt like a natural progression in my career. The ethos here is about more than just practising law - it's about setting new standards in legal advocacy. The integrated approach, which combines the expertise of a traditional set of chambers with the efficiency and client-focused service of an in-house team, truly sets DWF Chambers apart.
How does DWF Chambers' structure benefit barristers compared to traditional chambers?
Stuart: The structure here is designed for success. We have specialised sub-teams of barristers and advocates, each focusing on different legal areas. This ensures we're always at the forefront of our respective fields, offering clients specialised and current expertise. Also, the absence of traditional Chambers expenses - and the additional costs associated with self-employed practice - make it an economically attractive proposition. Working within a global business allows opportunity for better synergy with the solicitor colleagues who instruct us and also provides exposure to a huge range of different types of work. Our recent panel appointments with major insurers demonstrates that they increasingly recognise the benefits of the in-house model. DWF's investment in technology is also a differentiator with market leading AI integration in the process of being implemented.
Could you tell us about the support system at DWF Chambers?
Stuart: Absolutely. The support here is exceptional. Our dedicated clerking team ensures that we can focus on delivering the best outcomes for our clients without administrative overheads. It's this kind of support that allows barristers to excel in their advocacy work. Our clerking team have worked in external chambers and have excellent technical knowledge and experience. My practice is managed exactly the same way it was when in I was at the self-employed bar.
What would you say to barristers contemplating a move to DWF Chambers?

Stuart: I'd encourage them to consider the holistic benefits DWF Chambers offers. It's not just about the financial incentives, it's about being part of a global company that prioritises your professional development and well-being. The career opportunities, additional benefits like life assurance and healthcare, and access to a wealth of legal resources – it's a comprehensive package.

DWF Chambers is not just a place to work; it's a place where you can thrive and shape the future of legal advocacy. If you're a barrister looking for a supportive, innovative, and growth-oriented environment, we invite you to explore the opportunities at DWF Chambers. We have a collegiate team based in locations across England who work closely together. 

For a confidential discussion or to apply, please reach out to Dan Monaghan, our Director of Clerking & Operations. 

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