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Preventing Accidents and Defending Claims: What Insureds Can Do

11 April 2023

Accidents are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life. While some accidents may be completely out of our control, others are both avoidable and defendable if the worst does happen. 

Preventing and preparing for accidents

When an accident results in personal injury or property damage, it can often also lead to public liability claims. A public liability claim can provide many challenges to an insured but they can be largely preventable when cautious risk management policies and measures are implemented effectively. Put simply, the likelihood of accidents occurring is reduced when potential hazards are identified and near-miss reporting is in place. Both can help to reduce the potential for an accident to unfold. 

Through routine risk assessments and clear communication on cleaning and maintenance protocols with employees, the likelihood of an accident can be reduced. Simple measures include using visible and appropriate signage, good lighting and PPE to prevent unnecessary injury or harm. Additionally, it is important to implement robust safety policies that cover all aspects of the insured's operations, from machinery usage to up-to-date records of training. These risk management processes can be highly effective in dealing with unforeseen circumstances, such as poor or adverse weather conditions, and can ultimately reduce the risk of injury to the public. 

Defending against claims

In the event of a public liability claim, an insured must take immediate action to investigate the incident, recording details and taking photographs and evidence of damage or injuries. Once the insured has gathered all relevant details, they should report to their insurance and solicitors as soon as possible. Here, insurance is key to defending against claims. It is important to regularly review coverage for all eventualities. 

In conclusion, preventing accidents and defending against public liability claims requires a proactive approach to risk management. Insureds should identify potential hazards, implement robust safety policies and procedures, maintain comprehensive records, and take immediate action in the event of an accident or public liability claim. By taking these steps, insureds can reduce their risk of accidents and limit their exposure to financial losses.

How we can help

At DWF, our global Claims Management & Adjusting team have experience across a broad range of areas, including Professional Indemnity, General Liability, Healthcare, Legal Expenses, Motor and Property insurance. To find out more about how our global Claims Management & Adjusting team can support you, contact us.

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