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Consumer Trends 2023: Sustainability in focus

20 March 2023

Doing the right thing is not just good for business, it is good business. But, with a huge amount of regulatory change and public scrutiny, this is becoming more and more challenging. Our sustainability hub tackles some of the key issues facing the Consumer sector. 

The plethora of new regulations, proposals and the pace of legislatory change in the UK and EU makes the compliance environment ambiguous and difficult to navigate. Consumer businesses need to consider the implicatons of Brexit, Deposit Return Schemes (DRS), Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations and the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, to name just a few.  

To guide you through this ever-changing landscape, we're monitoring the horizon so that you can make best of your sustainability endeavours: 

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Consumer Sustainability Insights

Advertising and Green Claims

Advertising and Green Claims
  • The Green Claims Directive – what's next for green claims in the EU?
    The EU has published its Green Claims Directive. We have set out out key takeaways from the new rules that will change the approach to making green claims across the EU.
  • It is not easy being green
    How doing the right thing has become increasingly challenging. What is next for green claims, and regulation in 2023. What are the implications of the implementation of DRS or the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and what changes will the new packaging legislation bring?
  • No 'safe space' for green claims
    Regulators are on the lookout for evidence of greenwashing from food companies. In this article we explain how businesses can stay on the right side of the law.

Deposit Return Scheme

Deposit Return Scheme

Packaging & Recyclability

Packaging & Recyclability
  • Single-use plastics to be banned across the UK
    Scotland paved the way for the rest of the UK by introducing a ban on the manufacture and supply of some single-use plastics last year. England is now following suit, announcing plans to ban the supply of some single-use plastics from October 2023, with Welsh legislation also in progress.  
  • Waste not, want not: packaging recyclability and minimisation
    A new EU proposal on packaging and packaging waste says the current legislation is not enough and more is needed to tackle rising packaging waste. 

Products and Goods

Products and Goods


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