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Why I chose to start an apprenticeship

08 February 2023

Hear from Marcus Ketley who is currently completing an apprenticeship whilst working at DWF.

What made you decide to start an apprenticeship whilst in your role at DWF?

Despite holding an Undergraduate degree and a Master's degree I do not hold any qualifications that are specific to the field of HR. Having now decided that this in an area I definitely want to pursue a career in, it seemed the obvious option to seek to study this through my employer (DWF).

How have you balanced your role and starting an apprenticeship? 

By studying an apprenticeship you are entitled to 6 hours a week support time! This means that I can study and complete some of my assignments during my working hours consequently freeing up my evenings and weekends.

What support do you receive whilst you go through the apprenticeship?

I have been allocated a coach at BPP who is going to support me throughout my qualification. Not only do we meet frequently to discuss my development, we also meet once a quarter with my Line Manager to discuss different areas of exposure that would be really beneficial to my development and performance on the course.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering an apprenticeship?

They are not just for school leavers but for more experienced professionals, too! I would definitely recommend taking a look into an apprenticeship if you are at a point in your career where you would like to develop not only your theoretic knowledge, but have a clear support plan in place for 'on the job learning' to gain experience in areas you foresee yourself working in the future.

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