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Global Entity Management: A headache or plain sailing?

12 July 2022

Trust and confidence in regulatory compliance is an Executive presumption. However, having a small number of entities in countries around the world can be a bigger problem or poses different challenges than having many in one. 

Although straight-forward in familiar territories such as the UK and US there can often be an entity that falls under the radar, for instance, you have a legacy or strategically held single entity in Finland with little activity. 

Do you have oversight of the entity?
Who has been looking after its obligations?
Who can sign?
Where are the constitutional documents? 

This is all information that becomes very important and hard to find at the most time-critical moment. 

At DWF we can solve that problem by: 

  • Providing continual oversight of all your entities
  • Ensuring continued good standing 
  • Effect changes as expeditiously as practical 
  • Delivering a fixed fee structure for a consistent service
  • Dedicate an experienced manager to be your sole point of contact across your entities 
  • Having a straight-forward bespoke technology solution, tracking all compliance and instructions 
  • Provide law firm quality service 

We understand what a multinational company needs – no unpleasant surprises when you least have time! 

At DWF we enable plain sailing through leveraging local experts to deliver safe global navigation. Learn more about how we can cure the headache: Global Entity Management  

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