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Entity Management Technology that provides oversight and peace of mind

28 July 2022

When you run a multinational company, access to information is a must! Information at your fingertips can help you to take action when you need to. 

Its 11 am in Chicago and your CFO wants to make sure an entity is in good standing. The Head of Tax has asked whether the recent director change is now effective and quite reasonably, they would like to know today.

The entity they are asking about is registered in Singapore and at +13hrs, it's 1 in the morning! Even the best service team needs to sleep. 

At DWF Global Entity Management, supported by our proprietary 24/7 365 technology we can deliver the clarity you need, when you need it. Our user friendly IT solution provided by our 360 software team at DWF, is focused solely on meeting your global entity management needs. You can track progress and get clarity at any time of the day or night. Even if you only log in once a year you can rely on the system.

At DWF our technology delivers:

  • A straight-forward easy to use best of breed GEM process management technology solution 
  • Oversight of all instructions across your structure
  • The ability to track all compliance deadlines
  • Highly visual real time MI to monitor and analyse your corporate secretarial matters

We understand what a multinational company needs – oversight of your global entity activities at the click of a button!

Information at your fingertips to take action when needed. Learn more about our technology and how it supports our wider services: Global Entity Management | DWF Group or get in touch globalentitymanagement@dwf.law 

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