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How an apprenticeship has kick-started my career

07 February 2022

Paralegal Apprentice, Emily Barber, discusses how being an apprentice provides a good opportunity to build a network of connections.

1) What made you choose an apprenticeship over university?

I chose an apprenticeship over university as I wanted to gain a vast range of knowledge and experience in a law firm as this would help me kick-start my career in the legal industry and help me to understand how a law firm works first hand. As well as this, I wanted to become financially stable whilst also earning a degree and an apprenticeship has allowed me to do this at a young age. 

2) How did you find out about the programme?

I found out about the apprenticeship through the 'find my first job' website which notified me when the vacancy was advertised. I also kept an eye out on the DWF website to see when applications opened and closed to ensure I submitted my application on time.

3) How have you benefited from an apprenticeship at DWF? 

I have benefited from an apprenticeship at DWF as I have a large support network who assist me through any struggles at work and also the academic side of the apprenticeship. I feel as though I am a valued member of DWF and I am encouraged to perform to the best of my ability. An apprenticeship has also been a good opportunity for me to build my network and make good connections within the firm which will hopefully present new opportunities as my career progresses.

4) What are your ambitions / career goals in the future?

My main career goal is to qualify as a solicitor and in the future I hope to progress on to the solicitor apprenticeship at DWF to broaden my legal knowledge and skills, with hopes of completing a secondment to further broaden that skillset. 

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