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e-Scooters - a London snapshot

09 February 2022

Amid growing concern over the rising numbers of e-scooters on our roads and pavements and a continuing lack of information and regulation of their use, Catastrophic injury specialist, Ian Slater, looks at some of the recent available data on the use of e-scooters in London.  

By way of very quick update, in response to a question asked of the London Mayor regarding the number of e-scooter accidents, the following answer was published on 14th December 2021:

"Transport for London (TfL) holds personal injury collision data for the London area recorded by the Metropolitan and City Police. Information is collected using Department for Transport guidance and is referred to as STATS19 data. E-scooters are currently not a separate vehicle category but are recorded as Other Vehicles with a free text field for additional details. Using the free text, TfL can identify collisions involving an E-scooter. The latest validated information TfL hold is to end June 2021. All 2021 numbers are currently provisional and subject to change."

When the DoT published data for 2020 accidents by police force they recorded:

  • City of London              5
  • Metropolitan Police      291

a total of 296 as compared with the 2020 total from the Mayor's office of 266.

In broad terms, we are looking at roughly a 100% increase in accidents during the first 6 months of last year when (unless you were lucky enough to work at No. 10) London spent 4 months operating under Tier 4 restrictions (with non-essential retail not opening until 12th April 2021).

Compare that with the limited published data as regards sales of these devices: in November 2020 Halfords reported a 184% year on year increase in sales of e-mobility products and, in a survey of 2,000 people conducted in Feb 2021 respondents told Halfords:

  • 33% would consider using an e-scooter for a short journey
  • 28% would consider swopping their car for an e-scooter to benefit the environment
  • 16% already owned an e-scooter

In the run up to Christmas 2021. we saw many police forces (including the Met) issue warnings over the purchase of these devices but more clearly needs to be done: Omicron isn't the only disease that is spreading like wildfire at the moment.

If you require any further information, please contact Ian Slater, Partner, Global Head of Major Injury & Casualty
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