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Webinar Series: Restrictive Covenants

20 December 2022

Key consideration for employers across the globe - watch the webinar recordings.

Our employment experts are hosting a webinar series looking at the important role restrictive covenants plays.

In the wake of the pandemic and with the cost of living rising, labour supply has presented a challenge for employers. Whilst reward and flexibility are central to attracting and retaining talent, employers also need to minimise risk by ensuring their business is protected should a key employee resign. Restrictive covenants play an important role here.

Watch each session below as it becomes available. 

Designing a global contractual restrictive covenant framework

  • We look at the business protection strategies that organisations can adopt across the key jurisdictions in Europe
  • Exploring which elements can be consistent and which need to be modified when working across jurisdictions such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Poland.
  • London Head of Employment Nick Dent will quiz a panel of our international experts on when and how much you need to pay during the covenant period; the relative merits of garden leave and covenants; can you import fiduciary-like duties into contracts like the duty to report on your own wrongdoing; the difference between management and non-management staff; whether shareholder covenants (sometimes governed by a different law) are more easily enforced; and what you should do about internationally mobile staff.
  • Ending with the one-minute speed view of the regime in the key global locations across the US, Middle East and APAC.

How to conduct a team move internationally

  • In this session we will present a case study in which a company looks to hire a close-knit team which straddles the UK, French and Italian market.
  • Team moves are notoriously complex to conduct effectively, both legally and from the standpoint of the practical logistics.  Industry and cultural norms are often as important as legal considerations.
  • We will present a few wrong tracks to indicate where you could slip up and then some better methods which have a better chance of standing up in court, or even better avoiding litigation at all.
  • Nick Dent will chair the session along with Emran Chowdhury and Giorgio Manca, from our Employment teams in France and Italy.

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