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Staying safe on a night out

13 December 2022

As the festive season is upon us, many of us will be looking forward to celebrating and enjoying ourselves. However, throw some alcohol into the mix and we risk becoming more vulnerable and less aware of unsafe situations.

So how can we stay safe and still have fun?

CrimeStoppers UK have compiled a list of top tips that apply to everyone, no matter where you are based. So take a look, share with your friends, and make sure you have fun and stay safe!

Top tips for a safe night out:

  1. Safety in numbers: Always stay within a group when possible. By remaining close to the people you trust and know well, you’ll reduce the risk of being targeted by people who are up to no good and could be out to take advantage.
  2. Get taxis or arrange a lift: When traveling at night always book a taxi or get a lift with someone you trust. It’s worth that little extra expense to take a ride in a cab and get home safely. If travelling by bus it’s best to sit on the lower deck as this is closer to the exit and within sight of the bus driver should there be a problem.
  3. Always book your taxi: When you book a licensed mini-cab or taxi you know it is reputable and reliable. Don’t be tempted to get into an unlicensed cab for a quicker ride home.
  4. Drink in moderation and watch your drink: Always stay in control when drinking alcohol. Know your limits and never push them. A few more drinks may seem like fun at the time, but it is never a good idea. Keep a close eye on your drinks and never leave them unattended at any point.
  5. Stay in well-lit areas: If walking home after a night out, always stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people. People are less likely to commit crime if there is good lighting, CCTV and people around to see what is happening. Always plan a route home and make sure you stick to places you know. Never take short cuts, especially down dark allies, by canals or through unlit parks.
  6. Keep valuables hidden: Don’t advertise your mobile phone to people on the street - keep it hidden. People will often have valuables stolen on a night out and if you’re drunk, you are an easier target. Keep all valuables like phones, wallets and purses in zipped pockets or bags.
  7. Keep away from hostile situations: Don’t be a hero on a night out. If there is a fight or an argument, stay out of it and get help from bouncers or the police.

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Written by Tom Elliot

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