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Local Authorities – Do you need to reduce your total cost of risk and enhance your savings?

28 January 2022

Now, more than ever, mitigating risk and managing costs associated with claims is a key focus for local authorities.  Whatever the risk or potential claim and the associated cost, the weight sits heavily on local authority budgets.

We understand that budget concerns are mounting for local authorities, and are likely to continue to pile on throughout 2022 through ongoing Covid-related costs, inflation rates of a thirty year high and rising wages.

Indeed, one of the unforeseen ripple effects of the pandemic is in insurance claims, where COVID-19 has intensified almost every element of the claims process, adding to cost pressures and the risk of putting local authority reputation in jeopardy, if risks and claims are not anticipated, mitigated and managed quickly and appropriately.

DWF 360 works with a number of regional and local government teams across the UK, helping them proactively manage the risks they face today, whilst recognising the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow through its risk and claims management software.

Our quick, automated resolution ensures your reputation remains protected, even during the potentially contentious claims process. Our risk management software, EvoSuite empowers you to predict and prevent insurance claims, even in a shifting and uncertain landscape. EvoSuite improves efficiencies to reduce cost and exposure.

One of our clients at Oxfordshire County Council said: “The DWF 360 claims management solution has provided real benefits… Since implementation we are now in the process of looking to streamline our claims handling process by introducing automation and integrate with multiple systems to draw valuable data feeds that support claim. We can also drive data rich management information to inform key stakeholders about our claims and make more informed decisions on how to handle particular claims moving forwards…"

Through our unique understanding of local authorities, our claims management software is designed to deliver excellence in handling claims or complaints and ideal for protecting your fund excess:

  • First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) – Easily capture and import FNOL information by web or mobile directly into EvoClaim. Data is captured digitally, quickly and efficiently, regardless of location to create a quicker and more efficient First Notification of Loss process. FNOL forms are specific to the type of loss meaning only relevant data is captured, this creates a more efficient process when dealing with the claim further through the claim process.
  • System integration with Highways – EvoClaim integrates with multiple third party highways solutions including Confirm, Symology and others, to speed up the process of collecting data on specific streets within a jurisdiction. The integration means users no longer need to navigate multiple systems to gather and input claim or incident related data. Using the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) EvoClaim is able to quickly draw data to assist in a claim matter for losses, this data is stored against the specific claim and held within claim record.
  • Systems integration with the Official Injury Claim/MOJ portal – EvoClaim is integrated with the OIC portal, again creating efficiencies in the claims process. Automating how users gather data from other third party portals means significantly less time is spent navigating multiple services and integration reduces any double keying or chance of human error when capturing data. This also allows insurance and risk departments to automate volume activity related to the OIC process thus freeing up claims handlers to focus on other value add, more complex claims activity.
  • Workflow automation – EvoClaim automates specific process such as email correspondents, task creation and reminders to ensure matters are being progressed in a compliant manner. Automation removes human intervention allowing claims handlers to focus on more complex, value add activity elsewhere in the claim process.  
  • TPA Overflow through DWF Claims – We appreciate that an influx in volume of claims can cause significant stress on your claims handling team. With our TPA service we’re able to offer an overflow service that can be used on demand for volume claims or complex matters that may require specific expertise. As the DWF Claims team use EvoClaim as their proprietary system they’re able to take ownership of nominated claims to reach an expected position or closure.
  • MI Reporting – EvoClaim contains important information that can be presented back to executives and stakeholders to make more informed decisions in the future. This may be relating to potential fraudulent claims through to understanding trends on how particular claims are settled and profitability of insurance and risk activities.

EvoSuite isn't just another software package. It's an entire insurance claims ecosystem. Our Local Authority clients tell us that our solution has "provided real benefits" and "improved decision making processes" on how to handle claims moving forwards. Hampshire County Council told us:

“Working with DWF 360 has been great. The team have been very responsive and focussed on delivering a solution that meets our bespoke requirements, making our legal and insurance claims handling process easier and more efficient. We’re really excited to use EvoClaim and the further benefits as we see additional roadmap features brought into the solution”. 

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