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Managing your workplace post-lockdown

20 May 2020

With the UK Government easing lockdown measures and setting out a roadmap to allow businesses to open their doors for employees to return to work, we understand that some organisations will be planning the steps they need to take to return their people to the workplace. 

From social distancing to temperature checks, PPE to the Government's contact tracing app – there are many new measures being considered which may impact how employees feel about their return to the workplace.

With the onset of COVID-19 the workplace changed considerably and businesses had to adapt in incredibly tight timescales. This hub will help prepare you for the road ahead. From changes to employment contracts, to risk assessments, from data privacy concerns, to dealing with vulnerable people – we will ensure you have all the information you require if you need to return people to the workplace. There is lot's to consider when aiming to reduce risk and protect your people, clients and business.

Small panel innovation

Your webinar questions answered

On 15 May 2020 our employment, data protection and regulatory experts came together to deliver a webinar to prepare businesses for the 'new normal'. Here we answer your questions. 
Small panel legislation

Checklist of employment considerations

Change is the "new normal" as the UK prepares to return to work, our checklist brings together everything your business needs to consider from an employment perspective. 
Small panel clients

Checklist of regulatory considerations

As the UK prepares to return to work as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, our checklist will enable you to assess and control the risks for your business as lockdown measures are eased.
Small panel research and data

Checklist of data protection considerations

COVID-19 cuts across a large number of data protection issues in the employment context. 
Small panel developments explained

Spot checks and workplace safety

A key part of the Government's plan to get the UK's workforce safely back to work is the newly published COVID-19 Secure guidance. Following comments that the safety of the nation's workforce will be enforced through "spot checks" of workplaces we look at what this might entail and how businesses can prepare for them.
Small panel future thinking

An overview of implications for employers

As the UK government publishes its strategy to bring the UK out of lockdown, we explore the key considerations that employers will need to bear in mind when re-opening their workplaces and encouraging employees to return to work.