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Virtual law fairs – Where to find DWF this year

22 October 2020

Law Fairs will be going ahead virtually again this year. Find out where you can 'meet' DWF this year and our top tips for virtual fairs. 

At each law fair there will be representatives from both our Emerging Talent Team and trainee solicitors. Despite being virtual, law fairs are still a fantastic opportunity to meet our people and learn more about our culture, areas of work and application process. We look forward to meeting you at the following law fairs this year:


Legal Cheek – 7 September 2021
University of Strathclyde – 21 September 2021
Aspiring Solicitors Diversity Fair – 27 September 2021
University of Glasgow – 29 September 2021


University of Aberdeen – 4 October 2021
University of Dundee – 6 October 2021
University of Bristol – 6 October 2021
Law Society of Scotland – 8 October 2021
University of Edinburgh – 12 October 2021
Ulster University – 12 October 2021
University of Liverpool – 12 October 2021
Queen Mary University London – 13 October 2021
BPP – 13 October 2021
Legal Cheek Scottish Fair – 14 October 2021
University of York – 20 October 2021
London School of Economics – 20 October 2021
Queen's University Belfast – 20 October 2021
Aspiring Solicitors Diversity Fair – 25 October 2021
University of Nottingham – 25 October 2021
Kings College London – 26 October 2021
University of Warwick – 26 October 2021 
University of Leeds – 26 October 2021
City University – 27 October 2021


University College London – 2 November 2021
University of Birmingham – 10 November 2021
University of Exeter – 10 November 2021
University of Durham – 17 November 2021
University of Manchester – 18 November 2021
Lancaster University – 24 November 2021 
LawCareersNet LIVE – 26 November 2021

Our top tips for Virtual Fairs

Don't be put off by the virtual nature! It is great to come ready with some knowledge about the firm you are speaking to, but equally they will not expect you to be an expert and will appreciate that this is ultimately your opportunity to learn more about them.

Try to use your video when speaking to each firm as it will help you to develop rapport. There will always be the option to use the chat function if you need to.

Be professional and if you have booked a time slot, don’t be late! Treat it like a formal meeting, would you be late or not turn up to an interview? Be conscious of what impression this might give.

Have a few questions written down in advance so that you get the most out of your time with each firm. These for example might be narrowed down to culture, practice areas, opportunities for secondments (client and/or international), challenges the firm might be facing etc.

A final tip – always ask whether it is best to apply for a vacation scheme or a direct training contract. Firms will have different approaches and may recruit more trainees through one specific route.

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