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Australia insights

Our team in Australia have been creating the Insights below to help you navigate through the significant operational and commercial challenges in the country.
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Latest Insights

Small panel future thinking

COVID-19 and unfair dismissal

A failure of a financial services partnership to properly consult with an administrative assistant before her employment ended by way of redundancy has resulted in a finding of unfair dismissal.  
Small panel clients

COVID and the changing environment

As employers across the world being to adapt to the 'new normal' in their working environment, we take a look at some of the key challenges alongside some of the potential opportunities arising out of the global pandemic.

Employment law landscape

Join DWF's Michelle Dawson, George Haros, Christina Tsakiris and William Marshall for an interactive Q&A webinar which will look into what lies ahead for the employment law landscape.
Small panel clients

What now for leased premises in Victoria?

With another six weeks of Stage 3 lockdown for Victorians where does this leave landlords and tenants that may have already reached agreement regarding rent relief for the prescribed relevant period (ending 29 September 2020)? What about those yet to reach agreement for the relevant period?
Small panel clients

COVID-19 The key challenges

As employers across the globe come to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we take a look at the key challenges facing employers in a range of jurisdictions across the world. 
Small panel research and data

Key global employment considerations as businesses manage the return to work

With social, economic and cultural norms changing at an unprecedented level, employers have the responsibility to protect their workforce and support their employees through the process of returning to the 'new norm' working environment.
Small panel clients

National workplace health and safety principles released

In late April 2020, new guidelines were released by the Prime Minister’s National Cabinet for businesses to develop cultures and strategies on preparing for the safe return to workplaces. 
Small panel clients

Q&A: Property and Construction

The evolving COVID-19 situation has raised numerous challenges for the Property and Construction sectors. Added to this, information and government policy (both Federal and State) is changing daily – if not hourly.
Small panel clients

Construction industry exposure to COVID-19 delays

The impacts of the coronavirus are being felt throughout the Australian construction industry. How might the coronavirus affect your existing construction contracts? What issues should you consider before entering into a future construction contract?
Small panel research and data

Managing the Coronavirus outbreak

We are less than a quarter of the way into 2020, and Australia has seen a dramatic start to the year. After a summer of catastrophic bushfires, crippling drought, major storms and floods, Australians are now (with the rest of the world) facing the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).