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How to ace a group exercise

Group exercises can be tricky, but an enjoyable part of an assessment centre process. Read our tips on how best to succeed in a group exercise scenario.

Group exercises are a common part of training contract and vacation scheme assessment centres. They should be an enjoyable part of the day, allowing you to showcase your skill set and demonstrate how you can work successfully with potential future colleagues.

Along with the interview and the proof-reading exercise, the group exercise is an important part of us building up a picture of how successful you would be as a DWF trainee. Therefore it's important that you consider the best way of tackling the group exercise to achieve a positive outcome. As the DWF values are at the heart of what we do, we have prepared some advice on the best way to tackle a group exercise based around our values.

Be better together

The essence of the group exercise is assessing how you work as a team, which is a crucial part of being a trainee solicitor and also a core value at DWF.

Therefore it's important to:

Always aim higher

At DWF we are always looking at how you can go above and beyond for our clients and our business. Within the group exercise, you can demonstrate this by:

Keep all promises 

To 'keep all promises' within the group exercise, we're looking at whether you can take ownership to reach the best possible result. This would involve:

Disrupt to progress

As a business, we always look at new ways of working which may benefit our business and our clients. In a group exercise, you should:

Attend to details

Our final value ensures that you pay attention to every last detail to ensure that the best of DWF comes through in each interaction. To practice this in the group exercise, you should: 

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