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Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations

Our global regulatory, compliance and investigations team sits across all sectors and specialises in helping businesses to adapt in ever-changing regulatory regimes and to anticipate compliance requirements.

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Why work with our Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations team?

When businesses operate in a regulated environment, regardless of sector or industry, it's key to ensure they understand the regulations affecting them. Without proper regulatory compliance in place, you can face business continuity issues as a consequence of health and safety hazards. Our team will help you ensure that this does not happen.

Apart from meeting the compliance obligations, in the context of evolving financial regulations, volatility, complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, it is important to stay prepared for any potential investigations.

With our multi-jurisdictional presence and sector knowledge we help clients move beyond meeting just the base regulatory requirements and advise on a wide range of legal issues.

How we can help you

We have in-depth industry knowledge across financial services, insurance, retail, transport, energy and the public sector. This means we are extremely well-equipped to handle any legal compliance tasks.

Our approach enables firms to manage the volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity resulting from evolving regulatory landscapes.  

We provide advice to our clients on a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues.

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  • Advertising
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    Advertising and Marketing Products

    Product advertising and marketing compliance is an essential part of any campaign. Our specialist team can help you protect your creative activities whilst providing advice that ensures you are compliant, allowing your marketing to retain its impact on an international scale.
  • Corporate Crime
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    Corporate Crime

    The legal landscape has changed rapidly in recent years. Both businesses and individuals are facing increasing exposure to criminal investigations and potential enforcement actions across the globe.
  • Crisis Response
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    Crisis and Incident Management Service UK

    Whether you find yourself dealing with a workplace accident, environmental incident, economic crime & fraud investigation, general crime and road traffic investigation, or an unexpected visit from a regulator, our crisis and incident management experts are on hand to guide and assist you. 
  • Environmental Regulation
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    Environmental Regulation

    Environmental compliance obligations are becoming increasingly complex and relevant to all businesses across sectors, especially in the face of ESG commitments.
  • FS Regulatory
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    Financial Services Regulatory

    Whether you’re keeping pace with ever-changing financial regulations, facing investigation, introducing new products, services or technology, or simply trying to remain compliant, having the right support is crucial. This is where our global Financial Services Regulatory team comes in, made up of lawyers, consultants and ex-regulators that provide the support you need. 
  • Product Regulation
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    Food and Consumer Product Regulation

    We support clients to bring their products to market and help them stay there. We specialise in ensuring that highly-regulated products such as food, cosmetics, and even novel and unusual products, inclusive of 3D-printed foods, can be sold at a risk profile that you are comfortable with.
  • Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

    The threat of health and safety, or regulatory scrutiny, may be a part of doing business. However, it can cause immense pressure and could lead to serious legal repercussions if compliance is not met. Our global Health and Safety team can assist you with safeguarding the reputation of your business.
  • Maritime Law
    Two container cargo ship

    Maritime Law

    Our Maritime Law team are on hand to offer expert advice and support to navigate the increasingly complex and vast regulatory challenges faced by the Maritime sector.
  • Transport Regulation
    Levelling Up

    Transport Regulation

    All businesses with transport operations are subject to increasing regulation and enforcement. Whatever transport related challenge your business is facing, our team of industry experts and logistics specialists can offer a practical and effective solution.
  • UK Public Inquiries
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    UK Public Inquiries

    A public inquiry can be triggered solely by the existence of "public concern". Our highly skilled team can assist with conducting this delicate and complex process, recognising the principle of candour and transparency when appropriate.

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