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Contract +

Contracts are the lifeblood of large organisations. Whether they bring in vital new revenues from customers, support compliance efforts or hold your suppliers to account; these documents are crucial for any business.

However, proper lifecycle management of large volumes of these contracts - creating, negotiating and storing - can be a thankless and demotivating task, with experienced and in-demand lawyers losing hours of the day to mundane contract administration and negotiating low value NDAs.

This process as a whole is often mismanaged, with legal and business functions working at odds with one another. The resulting bottleneck can lead to inefficiencies and retention issues and costs businesses hundreds of thousands in lost revenue or savings every year. 

When revenue and retention are on the line, conventional strategies for contract management come up short. You need something more: Contract+ 


Benefits of Contract+

7 reasons why you should use Contract+

  • One
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    + Trust the Process

    Contract+ is the result of two decades of development in the form of people, process and technology. Harnessing optimised processes, “best-shored” resources and the finest, Gartner’s Market Guide-endorsed technologies available for the job, we have established a proprietary methodology which deals with the full lifecycle of your day-to-day business agreements. 

    From initial triage of tasks to contract creation, negotiation signature and effective storage on your systems, Contract+ is the answer to poor agreement management. It’s not a "tool". We aren't selling software. We are providing lean and efficient Contracting as a Service (Caas) that:

    • Removes bottlenecks in the legal production line to reduce negotiation times by more than 50%
    • Can demonstrably improve legal team attrition rates and manage the perennial challenge of ‘do more with less’ reducing contract negotiation fees by up to 60%+
    • Is easily deployed, focuses on simplicity of use and can quickly start providing value
    • Is supercharged by purpose-built technology
    • Is underpinned by a deep understanding of contract law led by our subject matter experts
    • Makes life easier for your lawyers whether on the buy or sell side of your business

    We know managing contracts can be full of headaches and stress, and lawyers working at the limits of their capacity can only do so much. Here's how Contract+ can help you relax. 

  • Two
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    + Find Your Center

    For large organisations, simply keeping all contracts together in one place is a challenge. When most agreements are not stored in a central repository, governance goes out the window. Using our specialised contracts database management team, we are able to consolidate your various databases into one version of the truth, identifying duplicates and keeping things up to date, even after major events such as acquisitions and disposals.  
  • Three
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    + Harmony is Joy

    With Contract+, we rationalise, optimise and harmonise your standard templates, removing unnecessary points of friction, smoothing out inconsistencies and simplifying the language wherever possible. With all standardised and simplified templates in one place, document maintenance and version control becomes exponentially smoother.
  • Four
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    + Travel the World

    Our global presence allows contract creation and negotiation to be performed by our team from delivery centers strategically located internationally. 18 hours a day, we're here for you. Our “Best-Shore” model enables the project delivery team to be placed where tasks are aligned with the right skill-sets and can be completed most cost effectively. All work is performed within strict guardrails and is both quality-controlled and quality-assured, (meaning we can show you proudly in words and numbers how accurate we are). Non-standard negotiation pushbacks and escalations are handled by qualified local lawyers (most likely, in your region) who act as “completer-finishers" meaning you only pay for lawyers when you really need them. 

    This gives you time back in your day to focus on strategic transactions while not losing workflow visibility, ensuring you can conduct business with confidence. 
  • Five
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    + Embrace the Future

    After your workstreams and traditional tools (templates, process maps and playbooks) are streamlined, we deploy technologies as an enabler. We screen, test and use the latest in legal tech to suit the circumstances, from contract automation tools (to create standard form agreements in minutes) to AI augmented review platforms with digitised playbooks. This can reduce the time taken by us to review and negotiate contracts by more than 65%- equaling savings!  

    Just as you wouldn’t buy a luxury car without knowing how to drive, we don’t implement any technology without first testing it and bolstering it with proper processes. Already have a contract lifecycle management platform in place? No problem, we're able to mold our service to fit into your processes, working with the investment you've already made and enhancing it. Otherwise, we are happy to recommend one to you once we understand your requirements.
  • Six
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    + Attend to the Little Things

    Every organisation is different and so are our solutions. Taking your preferred risk profile and negotiating stance into consideration, we partner with you to design and implement the full end-to-end service and strive to go one step further. 

    We do the "extra" things, the boring administrative stuff that comes with contracting to allow your lawyers to practice law. We take away those tasks, such as uploading documents and tagging them accurately, and get them done without a fuss. 
  • Seven
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    + See the Whole Picture (with Data)

    As the cream on top, Contract + can help you understand the types of valuable data held within your contract, how to use it and, most importantly, how to get to it. When stored and digested properly, contract data can help you limit inefficiencies, track trends and make money and Contract + can help you unlock the treasures your contracts behold. Our CLM administration team mines contract data through the ‘business-as-usual’ negotiation process and produces data specific to client needs. Over 20 years, this group has helped clients:

    • Achieve better and benchmarked pricing for goods and services
    • Improve insurance options over time
    • Speed-up M&A due diligence, spin-offs and post-merger integration efforts with contract reviews
    • Reduce legal fees over negotiations and further speed up the contracting process 
    • Enhance contract governance and risk by capturing and reporting deviations
    • Liaise with regulators who have taken an increased interest in the robustness of business supply chains

Learn more about how we can help your business

Contract+ Resources

Panel Small working on laptop

Contract Data Opportunities

With the uncertainty of a post-Covid market, companies are struggling with how to enhance revenue without increasing costs. However, there is an untapped internal resource, rarely accessed and analyzed, which could help companies overcome this conundrum: Contract Metadata.

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Contract Clause Negotiations

Contract+ adds process to proficiency to create a fully managed service.  We provide a team of lawyers and subject matter experts who have experience negotiating and redlining all types of agreements. 

Small panel innovation

The end of traditional contracting?

Are we beginning to see visual, Plain English and SMART contracts starting to replace more traditional forms of contracting? Nadia Zegze talks about innovation in contracting and explores the scenarios that could be best suited to these new ways of contracting and the barriers to adoption. 


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