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Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler

Partner, Berlin

Nina specialises in the full range of finance matters, including structured finance and debt capital market. Her special interest lies with FinTech, new technology, e.g. blockchain and other distributed technology.
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Nina has eighteen years' experience in advising on financing transactions. Her practice covers loans and debt capital market instruments including acquisition/project financings, real estate transactions, asset-backed securities and structured covered bonds, loan notes and corporate bonds. She represents banks, debt funds, insurance and other financial institutions as well as companies and real estate investors (including family offices), most of which are international players.

She manages complex transactions and cooperates seamlessly with auditors, tax advisors, software engineers and other parties involved. Having worked on both borrower/issuer and lender/investor sides, Nina has a deep understanding of the interests of all parties involved in a financing situation, including their (factual and regulatory) restrictions. 

She is a frequent speaker at conferences and has published numerous articles on various financing and Blockchain related topics.

Nina is highly interested in new technology and advises FinTech companies as well as Blockchain ventures. She is part of the ISO/TC 307 (Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies) Study Groups on Smart Contracts and Use Cases, Member-at-Large of the Board of IPDB Foundation, advisor of the BlockchainHub Berlin and founding member of Blockchain Bundesverband (German Blockchain association) where she heads the working groups Finance and Token/ICO. Nina has been designated as Working Group member in the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum’s Working Group “Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions”.


  • Member-at-Large of the Board of IPDB Foundation 
  • Advisor of the BlockchainHub Berlin
  • Founding member of Blockchain Bundesverband (German Blockchain association)
  • Working Group member in the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum’s Working Group “Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions”


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  • "European Commission tackles financing risks linked to virtual currencies", 13 September 2016, DLA Piper Insights, Nicolette Kost De Sevres, Bart Chilton, Bradley Cohen, Tom H. Braegelmann LL.M., Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler
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  • "Zwei Kulturen prallen aufeinander. Blockchain und Recht im Spannungsfeld - Standorte im Wettbewerb um neue Technologie - Zuverlässige Regeln wünschenswert" guest article Börsenzeitung, 20 August 2016, p 9
  • Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler in "Unternehmensfinanzierung für den Mittelstand" Editors: Thomas Fink, Portus Corporate Finance GmbH and Dr. Nikolaus Uhl, chapter: "Mezzanine Finanzierungen Anbieter und Merkmale" January 2016, p 27
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  • 'Alternative Instrumente der Unternehmensfinanzierung – Finanzierung durch Forderungsverkauf', 6. Edition 2012, 75 pages, Euroforum Verlag

Recent Cases

  • Advising on the formation of BlockchainHub Berlin and IPDB Foundation.
  • Advising on several Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).
  • Advising on several cryptocurrency projects.
  • Advising a German FinTech bank regarding its refinancing of consumer loans.
  • Advising debt funds on several project/acquisition and general corporate financings in form of loan note transactions, each extensively secured, partly revolving or with multiple credit tranches and including multiple jurisdictions (Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Singapore), i.a. RiverRock European Opportunities Fund, an Irish Private Equity Debt Fund, since 2012 and RiverRock European Opportunities Fund II since 2016.
  • Advising on several corporate bonds in form of bearer and registered bonds as well as convertible bonds, partly privately placed with individual security structures, partly public bonds including prospectus, involving banks as selling agents, BaFin and paying agents (i. a. € 150 Million bond of catering company DO & CO, € 160 Million Bond of real estate developer UBM Realitätenentwicklung, € 50 Million bond of the building group PORR, € 30 Million registered bonds of an Austrian holding company, € 40 Million bond of a food industry company, € 175 Million mandatory convertible bond to be issued as part of the acquisition price by Adler Real Estate AG for the acquisition of Mountain Peak Trading.
  • Comprehensive advice of Landesbank Berlin AG, on the first German structured covered bond, the Daheim Nr. 1 and Daheim Nr. 2 programs, Moody's AAA Rating, with up to 7 emissions with a total volume of € 400 Million as well as supporting various restructurings of the bond program.
  • Drafting of supplier finance master agreements for several international banks.
  • Advising on several assets based lending transactions for clients like GMAC Corporate Finance, KBC Bank and international corporate companies.
  • Advising on several real estate (acquisition) financings, i. a. acquisitions of loan (tranches) from securitisation vehicles, mezzanine financings, acquisitions of commercial and residential portfolios, refinancings and restructurings.
  • Advising on several securitization transactions, i. a. € 210 Million Consumer loan securitization, € 150 Million securitization of car leasing- and rent receivables, € 175 Million Leasing securitization and advising various originators of trade receivables securitization through various Conduit-programs, in particular a medical device manufacturer including the prior pooling of assets originated under 8 European jurisdictions and the US.


Legal 500 stated in its structured finance and securitization section for 2017 that „Nina Luisa Siedler has special FinTech expertise". In 2015 she was mentioned for her advice in connection with a purchase of a subordinated loan tranche from a securitization vehicle.

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