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Food and Consumer Product Regulation

We support clients to bring their products to market and help them stay there. We specialise in ensuring that highly-regulated products such as food, cosmetics, and even novel and unusual products, inclusive of 3D-printed foods, can be sold at a risk profile that you are comfortable with.

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Why work with our Food and Consumer Regulation experts?

When it comes to operating in the consumer products industry, we understand the challenges you face and anticipate the associated risks. Our team of specialists can advise on a strategy to minimise risk to the lowest possible level.

From plastics and the circular economy, through to supply chain issues and regulatory restrictions on the claims you can make about the efficacy of your product, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you are looking for legal advice regarding implementing novel ingredients, processes or technology, or you require guidance on obesity-driven reformulation of foods, we have years of experience of working at the forefront of the food industry and helping clients make the most of their products.

It's crucial to understand the difference between actual and theoretical risk and how to manage resources accordingly. Our global team can guide you through the process, we take the time to understand your approach to risk, finding a solution which best fits your requirements.  Ensuring that you are prepared with the correct regulatory compliance in place, in order to avoid risk and serious legal implications.

Our team also includes former Deliveroo Regulatory Counsel, a Committee of Advertising Practice Board Members, Advertising Standards Authority investigators, together with a core team of food and drink lawyers who have worked in-house. With years of such internal experience and of working with regulators on the key market issues, we have the insight to help you to grow your business.

How we can help you

We help clients right from the initial launch of a new product and throughout the product lifecycle. We can also provide support when things go wrong, thanks to our experienced crisis counsel and litigators, we can ensure that you avoid court or legal repercussions wherever possible.

Our diverse and multi-jurisdictional team can help with all elements of consumer product regulation impacting the consumer sector. Examples of areas we can advise on include:

We will provide you with a practical overview of how this area of law regulation works and help your team devise innovative and practical approaches to achieve compliance.

We know that horizon-scanning is now more important than ever with the acceleration of regulatory changes. This has been supercharged even further by Brexit and COVID. As we await the dust to settle, we anticipate and understand the challenges the sector is facing and can help you peak around the corners to plan ahead. Sign up for our weekly regulatory roundup.

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