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Reports and Publications

Please find below our featured Reports and Publications by our expert teams at DWF. To sign up to future reports please visit subscribe

Featured Reports and Publications

Buildings in the city
Reports & Publications

Looking ahead in the Insurance sector

Our experts reflect on a year of unprecedented disruption in the insurance industry and look ahead to the opportunities and challenges presented by its aftermath and the new and emerging issues on the horizon.

Hydrogen powered car
Reports & Publications

Creating a market for hydrogen

DWF’s energy team examine the levers that could unlock the hydrogen market in Europe and beyond.

Small panel retail

Top UK Retail Trends 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other, so what does 2021 have in store?  As we commence year two of COVID-19 and life after the EU, the world is different. We consider all of this and more as we review the biggest trends for 2021 and how they could impact your business:
Small panel transport
Reports & Publications

Locate your logistics in the UK

If you are an international logistics business or fleet operator looking to set up in the UK, DWF can support you through the whole process. To make things simple we’ve brought all the advice you need together in one place. Find out more.
Reports & Publications

European renewable energy guide

DWF's energy team assesses the market outlook and support systems for renewable energy in Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom in our guide for 2021.

Small panel financial services
Reports & Publications

Wealth Management: A year in review

2020 was a year that most want to forget. Before doing so, our financial services regulatory specialists have written a review of the big issues in wealth management to help capture lessons learned and prepare for the year ahead.
The Future of the Hospitality Customer Journey
Reports & Publications

The future of the hospitality customer journey

This report summarises our conversations with hospitality business leaders, noting how the 'future of the customer journey' has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Small panel PPA report
Reports & Publications

Future-proofing solar investments

DWF and Solarplaza assess whether different approaches to structure, standardisation and risk associated with offtake arrangements can enhance the future of solar investments. Read the report to find out more.
Small panel innovation
Reports & Publications

Brave New Law: The Whitepaper

Brave New Law explores the most significant challenge in the future of the legal profession: how we blend the human and the digital to best effect. This report details some key findings and insights during conversations with leaders and GCs.

Small panel professional indemnity
Reports & Publications

Individual accountability

A comparative overview of accountability regimes across three global regions
What now for climate change
Reports & Publications

What now for climate change?

How regional and local government around the world is leading the response.

Small panel oil and gas
Reports & Publications

A new normal for LNG

Recent gas finds in Africa have created the potential for major export increases from the continent, beyond the traditional countries. Find out more about the new normal for LNG in Africa.

Small panel insurance subsector
Reports & Publications

COVID-19 for insurers

The COVID-19 virus has dislocated every aspect of normal social, family and business life. There are no precedents. There is no guide as to how we should respond. The situation is fast-moving and extremely concerning. For insurers the challenges are enormous. Every class of business is affected.

Small panel financial services
Reports & Publications

Closing the gap: debt capital markets report

Mid-sized businesses are turning to the debt capital markets to secure funding.  Our report explores the opportunities and challenges business face when looking to the debt capital markets, who might benefit, and how the market is likely to grow.

Small panel energy
Reports & Publications

Cleaning up: Taking the lead on greenhouse gas emissions

Petroleum companies are coming under increasing pressure from investors, regulators and consumers on their greenhouse gas footprints. 

Small panel retail
Reports & Publications

The future for Britain's high streets

What are the key challenges and how can town centres flourish in the future?

Small panel real estate
Reports & Publications

Techtonic shift in real estate

Technology has the potential to transform any sector, and real estate is no exception – whether it is through the use of blockchain providing increasing liquidity and transparency on transactions, or the use of artificial intelligence to allow ever more accurate investment decisions to be made. But is the market ready?
Small panel energy
Reports & Publications

Safeguarding the future of local public service delivery

Our latest report has been developed in association with leading publication, Local Government Chronicle, to assess the commercial challenges, the commercial models available and the strategies being adopted by local authorities and other public bodies across the UK. 

Small panel local government
Reports & Publications

The future of town centres

Working with Local Government Chronicle (LGC), DWF's public sector team conducted a roundtable discussion to establish how retailers, institutional investors and local government can come together to regenerate town centres for the 21st century. Following the roundtable we produced a summary report to highlight the key findings.
Small panel retail
Reports & Publications

The Global Consumer 2019

Surveying 10,000 consumers across 10 international markets, The DWF & Retail Week Global Consumer Report 2019 provides retailers and consumer goods businesses with critical insight into changing sentiment across the world.

Small panel education
Reports & Publications

European Structural Funds Response

DWF’s Public Sector team are experts at advising public and private sector recipients of European Structural and Investment Funds on how to handle audits.

Small panel innovation
Reports & Publications

Our Innovations

Find out how we are transforming legal services through our people for our clients by reading the following case studies which showcase the most recent innovations across our business.

Small panel public sector
Reports & Publications

Crown Commercial Services Framework

Download our framework prospectuses.

Small panel eu and competition
Reports & Publications

Brexit: Seeing past the politics

Brexit creates an unprecedented changes to UK law, with over 12,000 regulations entering domestic law upon exit day and new regulatory regimes taking effect.
Small panel insurance
Reports & Publications

What's next for the UK insurance industry?

Change. The market knows it is happening at an unprecedented rate and that more is to come. It has to respond but is it equipped to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities that will open up?

Small panel commercial law
Reports & Publications

Restructuring, winding up and liquidation

In light of recent events relating to Abraaj Capital, the decision in the Al Gosaibi v Al Sanea case and MF Global, we have created a hub of information and advice from our industry experts to provide practical recommendations on the best course of action for investors and creditors when investments are at risk.

Small panel energy
Reports & Publications

What's holding Africa back?

Africa presents an exciting prospect for investment in renewable energy. Hear the views of investors, developers and manufacturers on the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy in Africa in our report.

Small panel technology
Reports & Publications

Delivering the goods

A technology revolution is upon us, but what does this mean for the world of transport? Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Electrical Energy and Storage have the potential to transform the sector, but what challenges do businesses face in adopting these technologies?

Small panel renewables
Reports & Publications

Renewable energy guide

How do you navigate the key steps in the development of an energy project in a rapidly changing environment? Talk to our team to find out how we can support you through each step of your projects.

Small panel data protection and cyber security
Reports & Publications


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in place as of 25 May 2018. View our hub for essential advice from our data protection experts and make sure your business is compliant with the regime and its evolving guidance.

Small panel food
Reports & Publications

Understanding Regulations: Food Menu

Understanding the Food Information Regulations.
View our annotated food menu to understand how the Food Information Regulations affect your business and how you should produce food menus for your business.

Small panel food
Reports & Publications

Understanding Regulations: Food Label

Understanding the Food Information Regulations.
View our annotated food label to understand how the Food Information Regulations affect your business and how you should label your food packaging

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