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Cyber Incident Services

We pair an AI-driven data mining solution with world class review teams to respond to clients’ cyber incidents in the United States quickly and effectively.

Our approach is catered to meet the needs of cyber counsel, its clients and insurance carriers. We customise playbooks to comply with your applicable regulations and preferred practices to offer a true partnership and transparent services in cyber event resolution from our global delivery centers. 

Why use our Cyber Incident Services?

Responding to cyber incidents efficiently requires a compelling combination of top-of-the-line software in Canopy and our proprietary data culling and sorting methodology. Together, we determine the most refined and accurate document review populations in the industry. 

Benefits of our service include:

Cyber Incident Services

Our technology-driven program goes beyond traditional cyber review to offer the best of data-mining technology combined with data analysis, identification, and extraction methods with human led QC verification. With precise price estimates blended with fixed cost pricing to ensure budget predictability and no surprise increases, we provide a holistic approach to cyber incident resolution. 

  • Cyber Incident Services
    Tax data on laptop tab image

    Cyber Incident Services

    • Canopy AI assisted data mining
    • Data Processing, Analysis, and Refinement
    • Data Entry De-Duplication and Notification List Creation
    • PII/PHI Identification and Classification
    • Programmatic review and extraction
  • Technology driven
    DP and cyber tab image

    Technology driven

    • Internal Canopy Processing

    • Internal Canopy PII/PHI Element and PII/PHI Trigger Detection

    • Internal Canopy Email Threading

    • Internal Exact File Duplicate Identification

    • Document Review Tagging and User-Friendly Application-Assisted Data Entry

    • Document Mapping and Extraction Function for Complex Documents

    • Focused Likely Error Identification

    • Internal Canopy Entry Consolidation

    • Comprehensive QC Review of Output

  • Additional solutions
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    Additional solutions

    • Additional Preliminary Data Analysis Methods and Applications
    • Programmatic Data Extraction Tools
    • Additional Entity De-Duplication/Consolidation Analysis and Merging Tool
    • Programmatic Metadata and Data Analysis
    • Supplemental STRs
    • Review Programmatic Analysis for Opportunities to Programmatically Review
    • Programmatic Review and Extraction
    • QC Verification of Programmatic Extraction
    • Focus on Continuous Training and Improvement for Manual Review Team
    • Data Entry Issue Identification and Reconciliation
    • Transparency on Deduplication/Consolidation Decision
    • Programmatically Identify De-Duplication Issues and Resolve Them

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