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Our purpose

Three colleagues reviewing a document

Our purpose is to deliver positive outcomes to our colleagues, clients, and communities. We do this to be a good business to work for and to work with, creating an environment our colleagues enjoy working in and our clients benefit from interacting with.

We are an innovator, a disruptor, a transformer. Our forward-thinking approach to delivering world-class integrated legal and business services has enabled us to become recognised as a global leader and one of the most dynamic providers in the sector.

Our structure encourages individual progression, and our Integrated Legal Management approach allows for a diverse and varied career where colleagues can contribute to work outside of their core area, either on a project basis or a longer-term arrangement.

See examples of our purpose in action below.

How we are delivering positive outcomes with our colleagues

  • The challenge
    Video call on laptop

    The challenge

    We know our colleagues are dedicated, hardworking and talented and it is absolutely right and essential that those characteristics are rewarded and recognised.

    At the time when almost all of our colleagues were working remotely, it was more important than ever people felt connected, recognised and fairly rewarded for their efforts.

  • The solution
    Meeting with post it notes

    The solution

    We adapted our main recognition programmes: The Rubies, our annual awards programme; and Achievers, our day-to-day recognition platform. We pivoted our Rubies celebrations into a virtual event and integrated Achievers with Microsoft Teams, which make the recognition process quicker than ever. Wellbeing was added as a recognition category to help celebrate unsung heroes who have gone above and beyond to put others first.

  • The outcome
    Sir Nigel Knowles giving speech

    The outcome

    The Rubies awards received a record number of nominations with nearly 600 colleagues submitted for at least one award category. Achievers was even more successful, with more than 10,000 individual recognitions submitted.
How we are delivering positive outcomes with our clients

Our ability to seamlessly combine any number of our services to deliver bespoke solutions is our key differentiator. Our work for Mileway, Europe's largest last mile logistics real estate company shows how our integrated legal management approach is delivering positive outcomes for clients.

The challenge

To accommodate growing e-commerce demand and greater delivery expectations, Mileway needed a simpler way to manage its extensive UK portfolio and continue to enable fast delivery and accessibility with excellent customer service.

The solution

Our teams worked together approach the challenge from three angles. Our Legal Services team advised on a range of matters connected to the management of Mileways portfolio in the UK. Our Legal Operations team joined Legal Services to utilise process and technology expertise to efficiently support the asset management tenancy verification process. Our Business Services team then created a bespoke version of EvoClaim, which was used to streamline online real estate portfolio instructions. This is an ongoing project and we will continue to assist in expediting legal delivery, reducing risk management of the same and ultimately delivery a more efficient process for the drafting asset management documentation and service to the client.

The outcome

The solution significantly streamlined the portfolio management process for Mileway in the UK, saving time and resources and made sharing work with DWF teams more efficient. This has lead to increased quality control and reduced risk management and has been a contributory factor in Mileway increasing the number of its transactions with us.

How we are delivering positive outcomes with our communities

Supporting local communities has long been a focus for us and is a source of pride for many of our colleagues. From volunteering in support of good causes, participating in our social mobility programmes, to fundraising for The DWF Foundation, our work with communities has always received a high level of support and engagement from our colleagues.

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic presented fundamental and profound challenges to people from all over the world. Perhaps none more so than communities in need and those charities and organisations who support them. With physical interaction and fundraising opportunities limited it was difficult to provide the support so greatly needed.

The solution

Thanks to the resourcefulness and engagement of our colleagues, many of our activities to support The DWF Foundation and our communities more broadly were able to continue remotely. This included virtual 10K runs and online mentoring sessions for students.

The DWF Foundation focused resources on those most impacted by COVID-19. This included providing over £30,000 of funding to food banks, whilst our Legal Operations team continued working with schools in Pune, providing funds, food and clothing to vulnerable children.

The outcome

Despite the restrictions in place, colleagues spent 5,876 hours volunteering during that year and helped to support over 600 young people to develop their skills and continued to raise funds for the DWF Foundation. As a result, the foundation was about to make more the £200,000 worth of grants to charities across the world.

DWF Foundation badge
Brainstorming session
DWF Foundation
The DWF Foundation is an independent charity founded by DWF with the sole aim of providing funds, resources, and support to help our communities achieve their full potential.
5 STAR Futures
Our award-winning community education programme started in the UK in 2012, designed to help aspirational young people unlock their potential by developing their confidence and skills.

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