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Employment Compliance

Employers are constantly challenged to ensure compliance with ever-changing employment laws, regulations and sector-specific ordinances. Thankfully, our Employment Compliance team can ensure you don’t fall foul of employment claims, civil proceedings or criminal prosecutions.

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Why work with our Employment Compliance team?

It is essential for employers to audit their employment practices in order to safeguard any potential breaches that could lead to employment claims, civil proceedings or criminal prosecutions. From time to time, employers may also need to conduct investigations, most commonly in relation to a grievance or disciplinary matter.

Our Employment Compliance team are independent and experienced experts who carry out internal audits and investigations. They provide support to professional services firms and partners facing external criminal and regulatory investigations.

We understand that employment status is a key focus for many employers in many jurisdictions, and that the so-called 'gig economy' creates additional complexities. No matter what the scale or the purpose of your business, our employment law compliance experts can help. 

How we can help you

Our Employment Compliance team includes a number of experts from different sectors. As a result, we provide services tailored specifically to our clients and their industries, including:

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