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Controlling the rising cost of claims whilst enhancing customer service is a key challenge for insurers. Our specialist team of motor specialists can assist. 


Understanding your legal and commercial needs

As a tier 1 defendant practice, we have a market-leading specialist motor insurance team. Recognised for our proven track record across all types of claims handling, we advise on matters ranging from MOJ Portal claims, small and fast track litigation, fraud and low velocity impact, major and catastrophic injury, through to subrogated recovery schemes, criminal prosecutions and police interviews, legal expense insurance schemes, road traffic accident claims, credit hire and inquests.

With over 30 years’ experience, working for some of the industry's leading insurers, our approach is distinctively direct, innovative and authentic. Our motor claims experts work with you to underpin your claims process with a clear strategy and strong supply chain management.

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Our Motor services include:

Commercial Fleet

Commercial Fleet

We have significant expertise in acting for some of the largest fleets in the UK both directly and through Insurers.

We work in partnership with our insurer clients, brokers and with fleet managers to ensure lower overall claims spend in cases where there is a degree of fault, or successful repudiation in no fault or suspected fraudulent claims.

We are committed to supporting you, whether haulage, distribution or bus and coach operators, with practical, decisive support.

What sets us apart is our significant experience of operating across this changing sector. We draw tailored teams together from across the motor industry based on client needs. Whether you need support with claims handling and validation, crisis response, cross-border matters, recoveries, dispute resolution, employment law or regulatory law, we pride ourselves delivering the very best commercial fleet insurance understanding across the legal disciplines.

Credit Hire

Credit Hire

We believe that preventing credit hire fraud is the key. That’s why we adopt a holistic approach, designed to improve your resilience to credit hire leakage and reduce litigation. 

We stand out for our combination of market-leading experience, understanding of the technicalities of credit hire, and a commitment to your unique business objectives, above all working with you to refine processes to prevent significant credit hire claims building in the first place.

Whether handling pre-litigation payment packs, MOJ claims and litigation; providing advice, training and process reviews; CHO profiling and predictive analysis; settlement negotiation, strategic litigation and bi-laterals; or providing expertise across our dedicated Credit Hire Fraud team - our experience and understanding sets us apart from other firms.

DWF Forensic Engineering

DWF Forensic Engineering

DWF Forensic Engineering offers a quick, low-cost claim review to help you determine how to handle motor claims that may be potentially fraudulent, saving time and the cost of instructing independent forensic examinations.

How it works

Your claim will be reviewed by our in-house expert who is a reconstruction engineer and collision investigator. Certain types of motor claim can be evaluated to show, for example:

  • Are there discrepancies between the parties’ accounts?
  • Are the levels of damage consistent with the circumstances described?


By instructing DWF Forensic Engineering on your motor insurance claims, you will receive:

  • A cost-effective, early review on suspected motor fraud cases.
  • An early, unbiased report from a highly experienced expert.
  • A report that assists you in deciding the future handling strategy on a claim, for instance, in determining whether to pay for an independent forensic examination.


DWF Forensic Engineering is charged at a fixed fee of £125 (+ VAT)

This fixed-price review service covers:

  • The reported circumstances.
  • The engineers’ or assessors’ reports.
  • The photographs.

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Motor Fraud

Motor Fraud

We help you send a strong, strategy-defined message in combatting and deterring motor fraud whilst at the same time reducing indemnity spend.

In handling more than 2,500 motor fraud claims a year, our award-winning blended consultancy service goes beyond the usual counter fraud legal and intelligence resource, also bringing expert support in analytics, profiling and telematics, as well as the study of automotive and financial risks.

Dedicated lawyers work in injury validation, credit hire fraud, rogue rehabilitation, complex motor claims, telematics, LSI and farmed claims. Coupled with legal, intelligence and consultancy fraud, our innovative, commercially-relevant approach positions us at the forefront of the industry.

Motor Insurance Training

Motor Insurance Training

Our Motor teams are based across the country with subject matter experts specialising in all aspects of road traffic accident claims. We are therefore able to offer a comprehensive and convenient training programme that will meet your needs. Please see below some ideas about the types of seminars/training we can provide.


This session gives you detailed analysis and discussion on claimant’s solicitors, including routes to market and commercially driven heads of claim.

Credit Hire Workshop

This session will equip you with an understanding of the relevant test and how to apply in various scenarios. It will also ensure that you know the best approach to offers and that you have the confidence to deal with credit hire claims.

Diminution Claims Strategy

This session will provide you with an understanding of diminution claims, the legal position and how to challenge a diminution claim.

Drafting witness statements in motor claims

This session will show you best practice for drafting a witness statement, share hints and tips and make you aware of the requirements under the CPR

Handling Pedestrian Claims

This session equips you with an overview of pedestrian claims including key concepts, effective claims handling and a case study.

Insurer Status and Article 75

This session will equip you with an appreciation of the differing status’, the financial impact this has on you as the insurer and gives you the confidence to address the issues.

Introduction to Loss of earnings: focusing on short terms losses and self-employed

This session will equip you to know how to calculate loss of earnings for self-employed claimant’s focusing on claims where there is a short period of loss with a maximum of 6 months.

Investigating Liability and Contribution in Road Traffic Accidents.

This session will provide you with an introduction to the basics of liability, including typical RTA scenarios. The session will also equip you with the knowledge on how to get investigating right and we will share some of our war stories.

Liability in Road Traffic Accidents

This session will help you understand the rights and obligations of road users and the claimant. It will also cover general principles relating to motor liability, knowing what evidcen can be used to establish liability and also provide you with an awareness of different road traffic accident scenarios.

Lifecycle of a road traffic accident personal injury claim – for beginners

This session provides a context and an overview of the whole process of a claim from the accident itself through to trial.


This session provides you with an overview of Medco

Motor Policy – Voidance and cancellation

This session will equip you with an understanding of the legal background to cancellation and voidance.

Quantum in Road Traffic Accidents

This session equips you will have an overview of the basic principles in relation to damages and specifically looking at General Damages, Special Damages and Payment

RTA portal

This session will provide you with an understanding of the RTA portal system and how to handle all aspects of a claim going through the portal.

Outsourced Claims Handling

Outsourced Claims Handling

Our Outsourced Claims service allows you to benchmark and improve performance, reduce costs, and pass the burden of legislative reform and resourcing issues over to us whilst providing you with transparent data and analytics to continuously improve.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ claims handling service brings everything together into one, linked, practical solution for you.

Using our innovative systems we build tailored offerings for each client, whether on single, complex or volume matters, as a permanent solution or providing temporary ‘overflow’ support at low cost.

What sets us apart is our ability to understand the impact claims handling has on other areas of your business. Whether supporting you with portal claims, claims validation, recovery, credit hire, fraud and data screening, or providing consultancy services to support the development of target operating models and alternative pricing structures, we work hard to deliver the very best, commercially relevant service.

Predictive Analytics Profiling

Predictive Analytics Profiling

Combining predictive data analytics with intelligence and market research leads to invaluable insight for insurers to understand how and why their claims, and opponents, perform as they do and to leverage that insight to optimise claims performance.

What we do

Our team is underpinned by a market leading consultancy team, including business analysts that focus on interrogating and analysing raw data to provide insightful reports. Designed to provide meaningful insight that will underpin your overall fraud strategy, our analysis is compiled into profiling reports to assist with the understanding of behaviour patterns and trends, as well as the formation and deployment of effective strategies to counter fraud behaviours.

How we do it

From predictive analytics and toolkits to positively influence claims decision-making, through to opponent profiling, court and trial profiling, as well as portal claims and rehabilitation claims behavioural analysis, and wider claims farming profiling, our clients trust us to be ahead of the curve in terms of the level of data available, as well as to provide innovative, expert advice on how to use it to best effect.

Subrogated Recoveries

Subrogated Recoveries

We treat subrogated motor recoveries with the seriousness they deserve, we have an experienced specialist motor recovery team who will work with you to ensure that we fully reflect your brand throughout the process.

We have an unparalleled record in recovering money across the whole insurance sector.

From pre-legal collections, contested legal actions and defended litigation, through to enforcement of a judgment or costs award, statutory demands and bankruptcy, we understand the issues around the whole process, as well as the challenges you face day-to-day.

DWF can innovate the way that subrogated recovery services are approached and tackled to deliver:

  • Increased Cash Collections
  • Improved Recovery Rate
  • Reduced Frequency
  • Reduced Friction
  • Shorter Average Lifecycles
  • A Reduction in Overall Costs

Telematics Insurance Claims Service

Telematics Insurance Claims Service

In a challenging and rapidly changing claims environment, data derived from telematics systems can help deliver substantial savings, when applied correctly.

We are in the unique position of having developed substantial legal and consultancy expertise across a broad range of telematics issues, over several years.  From advising on data protection and disclosure issues to utilising the data within claims and litigation, we can help you to leverage the power of telematics data to improve and drive claims performance, as well as to save costs.

We can provide advice on the different types of data available (and the relevance of each type to the claims process), interpreting GPS data, accelerometer data and crash alerts, and how to use telematics to prevent claims from happening in the first place.

In addition, we can advise on the accuracy of data and how to spot and deal with anomalies, the ethical and compliant handling of data, and how it can help deliver measurable efficiency and claims costs savings.


Understanding the market

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