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Brexit Webinar: Data protection & barriers to international trade

09 February 2021

As part of DWF's Brexit webinar series, our data protection and cyber security experts explored the impact that the UK's departure from the EU has on your use of personal data for doing business in the UK, the EU and the wider world.

Brexit has been a moveable feast and questions still remain about its impact on data protection in the UK and EU both in the near and long term.

In this session we delve into whether the UK will now be freed from the restraints of EU data protection law to drive a pro-tech and business strategy which frees up the use of data. We uncover whether the UK will follow a data protection agenda set by mainland Europe or if it is inevitable that data protection standards in the UK will be eroded over time.

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar recording for clarity on the following:

  • How does Brexit impact the free use of customer and employee data?
  • What are the data protection requirements that are placed on your operations in the UK and EU?
  • What are the options for dealing with those requirements as you grapple with the two regimes of the UK GDPR and EU GDPR?
  • To what extent does data protection create barriers to international trade?
  • What does the future of data protection look like for the UK and the EU, what is on the horizon and how will this benefit or impact your business?

Watch the webinar

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