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Work environment

Open plan office

As we continue to manage an evolving work dynamic amid the changes happening around the world, it is incumbent upon us to create a collaborative and inclusive environment for our people that celebrates achievements and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

A good working environment, perhaps above all else, influences employee motivation and happiness, which directly impacts how productive and efficient we are at work. Happy, healthy people are more likely to engage with their work and their environment and more likely to develop and grow with the business rather than seek opportunities elsewhere.

Our work environment

  • Flexible Working Practice
    Team meeting on laptop

    Flexible Working Practice

    DWF is a flexible business, which has adopted a hybrid-working model where our colleagues enjoy a mix of home and office working. We believe that by operating in a hybrid way, we can enjoy the advantages of both office based collaboration and learning, as well working from home. This way of working allows us to honour our commitment to being a responsible business, offer flexibility and better work life balance as well as ensuring we preserve the DWF culture and values.  We welcome applications from people looking for a flexible and agile role and we are happy to explore your preferred working patterns.
  • Supportive Environment
    Man on video call

    Supportive Environment

    It is important to everyone at DWF that when we speak, others listen. We all need to lean on our colleagues for support at times and having the confidence to share issues knowing they will be met with respect and compassion creates a supportive workplace culture, which is the bedrock of a healthy work environment.

    As a significant proportion of our people continue to work from home, we support the creation of healthy environments away from the office and provide equipment to suit the needs of individual colleagues.

  • Speak Up
    Person at laptop

    Speak Up

    All our colleagues at DWF have the right to work in an environment where they can implicitly trust their colleagues to behave in an appropriate way.

    We take steps to combat the risks of unethical behaviour taking place within our business or our supply chain. Guided by our values, our approach is to understand where incidents may occur and how we can continually review and improve our policies to prevent them.

  • Technology At Work
    Person typing on laptop

    Technology At Work

    Our ability to mobilise the technology within our business quickly and effectively has enabled us to improve the connectivity of our digital workspaces and help our colleagues maintain productive working relationships. Technology is and will continue to be a solution to support the wellbeing of our colleagues, as people increasingly see it as an essential tool to improving modern working conditions and avoiding feelings of isolation when working away from the office.

    By providing our colleagues with the appropriate technology and support, we have been able to safeguard their ability to communicate with clients and colleagues and to perform their role to the best of their capabilities. Being able to connect with anyone at anytime increases collaboration, leading to teamwork becoming more engaged and communication being more flexible.

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